Imagine being Jen Psaki over these last couple of months!

Unlike the President, the White House Press Secretary has to face the press all the time and defend the President’s ludicrous actions and policies.

Under President Donald Trump, White House press briefings were a great a time to get important information out to the public, as the then Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany made a name for herself by always being prepared and ready to answer all questions with perfect responses backed with a great big binder of information.

Now, with Jen Psaki being President Joe Biden’s mouthpiece, things haven’t been quite so rosy.

In all fairness - it’s not her fault, as she’s just doing her job, however, the President really does make it hard for her, as shown once again in the latest briefing on Thursday.

The pipeline defense

At the briefing, Psaki was put under pressure by Peter Doocy once again, as he questioned the President’s hypocrisy on the issue of pipelines.

As we all know, on his first day on the job, the President took the decision to call time on the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would have transported American brought and owned crude oil from Canada all the way down to New Mexico.

The project, which was originally commissioned in 2010 by the Obama Administration, had over 1000 hard-working Americans involved and had the potential to create a further 11,000 jobs upon completion.

Yet, President Biden ended the project, citing climate concerns as his main motive.

1000 jobs were lost and the potential of an extra 11,000 jobs to the economy have been blown to smoke.

Now, the President has taken the liberty of waiving sanctions against a company known as Nord Stream 2, which is currently constructing the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline from Germany to Russia. The project is 95% finished, yet, President Biden’s Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, committed in his confirmation hearing in January that he would prevent the completion of this project.

Generic and boring answer…

The Russian Pipeline also holds bipartisan opposition across both branches of Congress, as many believe the pipeline will allow Russia to gain a firm grasp on Europe’s energy supply.

The lifting of these sanctions on the company will now make it easier for them to complete ‘the last hundred yards’ as Blinken called it, and Psaki was unable to find a good enough answer to defend the policy.

Doocy questioned her on the issue, asking her why the President is ok with allow that pipeline to go ahead but cut off the Keystone Pipeline and the American jobs that came with it.

Psaki’s answer was weak, she cited sanctions on Russian ships before stating that the President has no control over other nations’ projects, despite the fact the President stated that he wanted the US to be a climate beacon for the rest of the world to follow.

Maybe Psaki can take some tips from McEnany about how to handle the press, as the President left her out to dry once again.