Vice President Kamala Harris seems to have been set up by the Biden administration with the virtually impossible tasks to tackle the migrant surge at the US-Mexican border under the current Democrats’ policy framework.

Yet, as part of her ridiculous supposed efforts to cope with the problem, she doesn’t even seem to consider alternatives such as boosting security measures!

In March 2021, Harris was appointed by Democrat President Joe Biden as the administration’s point person to deal with the growing influx of illegal immigrants at the Southern border.

Both Harris and other senior administration officials such as White House press secretary Jen Psaki have dwelled on the need to cooperate with the so-called “Northern Triangle” made of up three Central American countries – Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala – in order to reduce the influx of migrants crossing from Mexico into the United States.

Pj media commentator, Rick Moran, points out that the problem, or, rather, numerous major problems with the three Central American nations in question, is that they are plagued with severe debilitating factors making any kind of potentially fruitful migration cooperation under Democrat Vice President Harris either impossible or inconsequential.

Dictatorship and drug trafficking

All three Northern Triangle countries are plagued with high levels of corruption and violence causing hundreds of thousands of their citizens looking for a way to make it to the United States.

Moran notes that the Biden administration’s outreach to Mexico over efforts to combat the increased illegal immigration has failed since Mexico’s policy refuses families that have left its territory, thus, in essence, forcing the US to accept them.

According to the commentator, Harris made no substantial effort whatsoever to address that issue.

Additionally, the lack of communication between the American government and those of Honduras and El Salvador does not make things any easier.

In Honduras’s case, the country’s President Juan Orlando Hernández has been indicted on drug trafficking charges in a US court.

His brother and former congressman has been sentenced to life in prison by an American court, and the chances are high that the Honduran President would be also handed a life sentence.

As Harris would be unwilling to meet with drug traffickers, cooperation with Honduras remains out of the question.

The case with El Salvador, a country ‘trapped’ under President Nayib Bukele’s oppressive dictatorship, also seems hopeless at this point.

Bukele has just removed five supreme court justices, something that highlights his ‘modus operandi’, known for attacking the press and the independent judiciary.

His ties to China are also a frequent subject of debate.

There’s hope for Guatemala, but…

The only of the three problematic Central American countries willing to cooperate with the US on tackling illegal immigration is Guatemala.

According to announcements, Harris is going to make her first official foreign visit there in June.

Yet, even there is a chance for cooperation between the two countries, Harris’s belief that concentrating on corruption as the main culprit of illegal immigration makes things complicated.

Harris’s faulty approach is underscored by comments she made earlier in May.

She declared that if corruption in Central America persisted, it would negate any progress on violence, disaster relief, food insecurity, and the likes, emphasizing that a policy program involving not just governments but also civil society leaders would help combat corruption in the Northern Triangle countries.

To that end, Biden’s administration reserved a total of $4 billion in aid through the immigration reform bill.

Copy-pasting Obama’s approach

Drawing upon lessons from the Obama administration, in which Biden was leading the same ‘show’ as Harris now, US officials, experts, and lawmakers want to build partnerships beyond governments.

Republicans express strong doubts that reviving Obama’s policies could be of any use since they never worked as Democrats expected.

However, those policies made liberals “feel very good about themselves,” something that seems the deciding factor when making choices.

Rick Moran, the PJ Media commentator, emphasizes that Harris has been given a thankless and impossible job under current circumstances, calling it a setup!

The reason for setting her up could either be to undermine her or to keep her in a position where she wouldn’t do much damage.

Thus, Harris cannot be seen anywhere near the actual border and does not appear to consider any security measures as solutions to the illegal immigration crisis.

In his conclusion, Moran predicts the border will be a big issue in the next national election.