A total of 12 Republican members of the US Congress have been physically prevented by the Biden administration from visiting and inspecting a top-level migrant intelligence facility near the Mexican border.

The facility, which is the El Paso Intelligence Center in Texas run by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), is crucial for monitoring and tackling criminal activity connected with illegal immigration and drug trafficking – both of those run by Mexican drug cartels.

The 12 GOP members of the US Congress were stopped from entering the DEA’s El Paso Intelligence Center earlier this week, as journalist Sara A. Carter revealed on Fox News.

Hiding the evidence

This egregious violation on part of the Biden administration was committed despite the fact that under the Constitution, US Congress members have the right of oversight over such facilities funded with taxpayers’ money.

Additionally, the GOP delegation has been requesting for weeks to be admitted inside the DEA intelligence center in El Paso.

The incident isn’t just a blatant violation against the group of Republican lawmakers but it also casts tremendous doubts that the Biden administration has a lot to hide about its handling of the illegal immigration crisis at the Mexican border.

Both of those are, of course, hardly surprising considering we’re talking about Biden’s administration…

Rep. Brian Babin from Texas told Fox News’ Hannity he had no idea what the Biden administration had to hide from a delegation representing the American people.

Missouri Rep. Vicky Hartzler declared that the facility she and the rest of the GOP congressional delegation wanted to visit was the “intelligence operation” of the entire region.

The visit would have allowed the Republican lawmakers to talk with the FBI agents on the ground and learn about the current activity of the Mexican drug cartels and the US government’s strategy against them.

However, none of that has occurred as the members of Congress were denied that opportunity by the Biden administration.

Straight from the top!

Rep. Mike Garcia from California emphasized the delegation’s trip was not an impromptu visit as the GOP Congressmen had been trying to gain access to the DEA migrant intelligence facility in El Paso for several weeks.

Garcia stated that the order to keep them had come “from the top”, i.e. the White House, which obviously doesn’t want them to see what is happening.

The California GOP congressman thinks that the DEA El Paso center has crucial intelligence data that would expose how open the US border with Mexico is, and that the actual illegal immigration problem at the border is far more serious than the American public is allowed to be aware of.

Garcia’s guess is backed by comments made by a local DEA agent, Kyle Williamson, a special agent who is in charge of the DEA El Paso Division.

Williamson revealed that in the first five months of 2021, massive amounts of narcotics, more than any other year, poured into the USA.

That includes all kinds of drugs such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and fentanyl, with the exception of marijuana.

The repetitive behavior of the Biden Administration

That is not the first outrageous case of the Biden administration getting physical with Republican lawmakers to prevent them from exercising their constitutional oversight duties.

A similar incident occurred in March when Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas as part of a Republican delegation was filming a crowded facility run by Customs and Border Protection in Donna, Texas.

Back then Biden administration staffer tried to physically stop him from filming.

Cruz was understandably indignant over how Biden had sent a special political operative all the way from DC to prevent the public from seeing what was inside the CBP facility in Donna.

Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming has also revealed how officials from the Biden administration had actually ordered the Republican delegation to delete their photos and videos.

The GOP congressmen bravely refused to comply, leading to the release of lots of footage showing illegal immigrant kids crammed like sardines beneath foil blankets, images that the Biden administration clearly wanted to hide from the American people.

Administration officials have been preventing congressmen and journalists’ access to border and migrant facilities arguing it was to protect the dignity of the illegal immigrants, that is clearly a false pretext.

The one big thing Biden is trying to hide that the truth about the current border crisis is much, much more gruesome than the public has been aware of.