A very telling comment by Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has revealed how the Democrats are rushing to use the current situation in order to change the meaning of the term “infrastructure”, all to justify the giant government spending package proposed by Joe Biden and to single-handedly boost their political agenda.

As the Republicans have put forth an infrastructure counteroffer worth $928 billion in response to Biden’s overinflated $1.7 trillion proposal (which was $2.25 trillion at first), the Democrats have demonstrated once again how they take every chance to use crises to their partisan benefit.

Call it as you want - we all know what infrastructure is

Speaking on MSNBC earlier this week, Warren, whom Donald Trump calls Pocahontas for touting her minor Native American heritage, declared the current situation was the Democrats’ chance to alter what “infrastructure” meant.

Warren argued that the nation had been in a crisis even before the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic.

She emphasized her understanding that “this is our chance” – clearly referring to Biden’s $2 trillion proposal – to “expand our idea” of the meaning of infrastructure.

In the same interview, the Massachusetts Democrat slammed the GOP’s more down-to-earth proposal for not being “a serious counteroffer”.

She criticized the Republicans’ idea to redirect unused money from other sectors to fund the infrastructure bill as an “illusory notion”.

Warren further pointed out the lack of “green infrastructure” in the GOP counteroffer, as well as leaving behind women.

She thus argued in favor of Biden’s vastly overinflated proposal, which also includes broadband and childcare.

No, it’s not about jobs. It’s about…leftist agenda?

Warren stressed that the bill was actually called a “jobs bill,” as it is based on infrastructure and jobs.

In her words, since infrastructural plans on jobs would involve mostly heavy labor, 90% of those jobs would go to men.

The Massachusetts Democrat thus insisted that the infrastructure package should also feature childcare jobs since 90% of the funding would go to women.

At the same time, she demanded a pay boost for childcare jobs since at present employment in that field doesn’t pay well.

In addition to using the present crisis as a chance to change the meaning of “infrastructure”, she also declared that the infrastructure bill presented a “chance” to transform childcare jobs into “good-paying professional jobs.”

Warren’s statements demonstrate the utter hypocrisy of the Democratic Party which has self-advertised as being in favor of “women’s rights”.

It should not be forgotten that this is the same party supporting the right of biological males to compete against biological females on women’s sports teams.

Warren’s new infrastructure meaning is fundamentally the same as the Democrats “seizing” every mass shooting to cry for the anti-gun measures.

In wishing to never let a crisis “go to waste” (in the world’s Obama ex-aide and failed Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel), the Democrats have demonstrated a vicious pattern time and again of trying to remold reality solely to their own liking.