President Donald Trump has expressed confidence that all states presently seeing forensic audits of the 2020 election are going to “flip” to him, and has posed the question as to how the nation would move forward, namely, if it would remain for the next three-and-a-half years under a president who didn’t actually win.

Trump’s far-reaching comments came last week during his appearance on USA Radio Network, on Wayne Allyn Root’s “Raw and Unfiltered” radio show.

When asked about the electoral forensic audits in several states, Trump categorically stated that there was going to be a “big” problem since the states in question would flip, and people’s reactions would follow.

GOP is still alive thanks to Trump’s popularity

His rhetorical question was a seeming expression of confidence that once the truth comes out and is proven, Americans wouldn’t tolerate 3.5 more years of an unelected president “destroying our country.”

Trump revealed further that when somebody asks him about the difference between the presidential elections in 2016 and in 2020, he states that the difference is that in 2020 “we did much better”.

He was referring to the fact that last year he received nearly 75 million votes, vs. 63 million in 2016.

The Republican leader emphasized his conviction that “we won that election” and that the 2020 vote was rigged and stolen from him.

According to Trump, every indicator showed that he had won.

He said the GOP triumphs in “every statehouse” happened largely thanks to his popularity.

He further noted that the Republican Party had been expected to lose 25 seats in the US Congress but under his leadership, it added 16 seats.

Trump described the day when the election was, in his words, rigged, as a “very, very sad” day, and the 2020 vote as a “third-world election.”

He further declared it was a known fact that whoever wins key swing states such as Florida, Ohio, and Iowa – where he won in landslides – always wins the election, and that if you win South Carolina, there is no way to lose Georgia.

Immigration, COVID, Russia

Trump praised the Arizona Republican Senators as patriots for going after the forensic audit and added that he wasn’t involved in any way whatsoever in that effort.

He said the same processes are unraveling in Georgia and New Hampshire, calling it “amazing”.

Trump praised the Republican-dominated states, such as Florida and Texas, for moving ahead with “very strong” new electoral legislation to prevent voter fraud.

The Republican president also pointed out how many people received 3-4 ballots for absentee voting, while one person is known to have received seven!

Trump criticized Biden and the Democrats for letting in caravans of criminals, drug dealers, and murders through the Mexican border, for allowing massive crime waves in every city, with BLM activists ready to loot, and Jews being beaten in the streets.

He also decried the Democrats’ foreign policy situation, with Russia circling Ukraine and China sending bombers over Taiwan.

He also reminded how well the economy did under his term, with the stock market being higher after the pandemic than before it.

Trump further said there was no question that COVID-19 came out from a Chinese laboratory and that China had to pay for that.

Radio show host suggested that instead of running for the Senate in 2022, as some have recommended, President Trump could run for the House, bring about 50 new GOP seats, become House Speaker, and then go after the Democrats.

Trump replied how such a suggestion is not a bad idea at all.