Trump Wastes No Time Throwing Ryan Under the Bus for Comments About Republican Party

It did not take long for former President Donald Trump to clap back at Paul Ryan after the former Speaker of the House took issue with many aspects of the current Republican Party.

Details of Ryan’s Speech

Last week, Ryan gave a speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. The focus of the speech addressed the future of the Republican Party.

It is no secret that Ryan was never a fan of Trump. Therefore, it came as no surprise that Ryan went after Trump in his speech, saying that it was “horrifying” to see how Trump’s presidency came to an end.

Some would say that Ryan is simply bitter because he was unseated as the leader of the Republican Party when Trump came into power.

Trump Fires Back

As expected, Trump did not waste time firing back at Ryan after his distasteful speech. The former president released a statement slamming Ryan and how he has been responsible for many of the losses in the Republican Party.

Trump began his statement by referring to Ryan as a RINO, the acronym designating a Republican in name only. This term is used to disparage Republicans who institute policies that align more with the Democratic Party than with traditional GOP ideals.

The statement went on to say that Ryan has been a “curse to the Republican Party.”

Trump used specific examples of how Ryan has failed the party, including how he got booed off the stage in his home state of Wisconsin.