Donald Trump has blasted Joe Biden for the massive destruction the latter has been causing in the very short time since January, arguing that the nation would have been much better-off if the Democrat president hadn’t done anything at all!

In an interview with Newsmax, Trump issued a chilling warning thrashing the Democrats for “destroying” the United States, and stating that Americans will find themselves left without a country after the Democrat rule.

Border crisis, Hamas, China, radical left…

The Republican leader laid devastating criticism on Biden on virtually all counts – from various domestic policies and the failure to secure the border with Mexico to the nation’s relations with China and the crises surrounding the Middle East and North Korea.

Trump slammed the Democrats for taking a turn against Israel as it was being viciously attacked by Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

He further criticized their soft approach to China, including on the origins of the coronavirus, stating Biden was letting Beijing “get away with murder”.

Trump also emphasized how the radical left movements across the country seeking to defund the police are inciting massive crime waves and causing the destruction of women’s rights.

He pointed out, however, that even in spite of Joe Biden’s wretched and failed policies, one of the landmark achievements of the Trump administration, the USMCA (US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement) is still standing strong, and so are the results of his phase one economic talks with China.

Central and South American countries release prisoners and send them to the United States

Trump made it clear how he was appalled by the Democrats’ disastrous actions, including the seemingly warm welcome of countless illegal immigrants, and the various measures spurring that influx, such as the latest cancellation of the Trump-era policy for legal immigration known as “Remain in Mexico.”

Saying what had happened under Biden so far had been “just crazy”, Trump reminded that he had actually worked out relations with Mexico and the three Northern Triangle countries in Central America – El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras – which are the greatest source of illegal immigrants flocking to the US at present.

As he noted that human trafficking had all but been ended during his term, he explained how the Northern Triangle countries were actually eager to let their prisoners go in order to get rid of them and ship them over to America!

To put it simply, drug dealers, addicts, and murderers are now encouraged by the Democrat’s policies to cross freely into the United States.

Trump made clear that the current border crisis exists thanks to Democrats’ incompetence, rather than a belief that the United States would benefit from having open borders.

Biden lost in the field of international politics

He further emphasized how Biden “lost his grip” with respect to the relations with North Korea, as he had personally developed a “very good relationship” with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Trump reminded that the US was getting along with Pyongyang during his four years in office, without any problems whatsoever, even though he is never given credit for that.

The Biden administration, however, has caused an active resumption of hostilities on the Korean Peninsula.

The Republican leader noted how in the few months since Biden took over, the enemies of Israel, the No. 1 US ally in the Middle East, have been really emboldened, and carrying out gross injustices towards the Jewish state.

Trump recalled how a mere 10-12 years ago, the US Congress absolutely loved and protected Israel, whereas under Biden the new House protects anything other than Israel.

He stressed that the Biden administration is overseeing a crackdown on women’s rights and equality, contrary to its own stated objectives, as it is actively promoting allowing transgender athletes to compete in female sports.

Trump described the present situation in that regard as “ridiculous” and “insane”, and stated he couldn’t even believe that was even a matter of discussion.