President Biden held a press conference on Tuesday.

Among other things, the President mentioned that he signed the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act two weeks before, adding that he hopes the act will pass the Senate.

Biden described the act as a part of a broader strategy to combat domestic terrorism, which he identified as a ‘more lethal threat to the U.S. than ISIS and Al-Qaeda.’

The President explained that white supremacism was identified as the most dangerous threat to public safety by the Intelligence Community, both under his and former President Trump’s administration.

President Biden further said that his administration plans to take additional measures against domestic terrorism.

What the exact steps would be is expected to be announced soon.

Robert J. O’Neill, a Navy SEAL who is believed to have killed the Al-Qaeda founder Osama Bin Laden in 2011, expressed his dissatisfaction with Biden’s claims on Twitter.

O’Neill described Biden’s statement about the biggest threat to the U.S. as ‘the most inaccurate one by the U.S. President so far.’

The SEAL added that he expects similar claims and reactions to follow.

President Biden made several other claims that sparked outrage among social media users.

One of them is the statement that ‘all research suggests that Black entrepreneurs are just as capable of starting a successful business as the white ones, but that they lack lawyers and accountants who would help them.’

The President suggested that everyone would agree that the U.S. would be better off if the young Black entrepreneurs were allowed to invest their money and create jobs for the American people.

Biden said that he intends to enlarge the scope of a National Small Business Administration so that prospective minority entrepreneurs could have loans that would help them achieve their aims.

Many social media users described Biden’s claims about the ability of Black entrepreneurs as racist.

They pointed out that the President denigrated these people by depicting them as incapable of ‘the simplest tasks, such as getting an ID, hiring an accountant, or finding a lawyer.’