Some perplexing events have unfolded in Georgia’s Fulton County since Georgia State Court judge Brian Amero authorized the inspection of copies of a total of 145,000 absentee ballots cast in the November 2020 election.

As per Amero’s order, the plaintiffs were allowed to check high-resolution copies of the mailed-in ballots in question, while the original ballots were supposed to be kept in a secured facility in Fulton County.

The specifics as to how the copying and inspection would be carried out were supposed to be negotiated between the parties to the post-election litigation and the court.

At the time of Amero’s order, the judge specifically pointed out that none of the parties had requested a dismissal of the election complaint.

However, on May 26, 2021, Fulton County went ahead and filed a motion dismissing the complaint.

Suspicious chain of events

Fulton County further claimed that the plaintiffs had failed to obey the statutory requirements in force for filing an “election contest”, which is a reason to dismiss the complaint.

Thus, in response to this subsequent action by Fulton County, Judge Amero had to postpone the meeting at the ballot storage warehouse, which had been scheduled for May 27.

Yet, that isn’t all that has gone down in Georgia’s Fulton County.

On May 29, Saturday, an alarm went off at 4:30 pm at the warehouse facility of the original ballots located at 1365 English Street, in Atlanta.

Security staff who responded discovered that the door of the warehouse had been unlocked and open.

Website interviewed the plaintiffs’ attorney, Robert Cheeley, over the incident.

Cheeley revealed that since he wasn’t confident about the security offered by Fulton County, back on May 21, he arranged off-duty police to watch over storage location.

He says Fulton County’s attorneys have complained to Judge Amero, stating how off-duty police officers are “intimidating” to the workers of the Fulton County Election Board.

As of May 25, the county started to have two on-duty Sheriff’s Deputies provide security for the storage location since Judge Amero had ordered so until the ballots were copied.

Yet, on May 29, Saturday, just at 4:00 pm, both deputy vehicles left the parking lot of the storage facility and were not in their post for the next two hours.

The alarm went off at 4:30 and was noticed precisely by the off-duty private security who at the time were in their car on the street.

It was them who discovered the door unlocked and open.

There’s something “fishy” in Fulton County

Cheeley says that a Fulton County official arrived on the spot only at 8 pm in order to lock the door.

Cheeley himself then got an email from a person called Bob Ferguson, who appears to be connected to Fulton County or the Sheriff’s Office

The email revealed that the storage facility alarm went off on both Saturdays, on May 22 and May 29.

Ferguson explained that if a deadbolt on the outside of the door is not turned into a locked position, the door could very easily be pulled open.

Plaintiff’s attorney Cheeley declared his intention to file motions for contempt of court over the failure on part of the County to comply with the Court’s order to guarantee that the ballots are stored in a secured location.

For the time being it remains unclear whether anything might have happened with ballots stored inside.

That will probably become known after the resolution of the motions filed by the County.

However, it seems safe to say that the situation has been extremely suspicious.