Democrat Vice President Kamala Harris has been the target of well-deserved criticism from patriot Americans after tweeting on Saturday, “Enjoy the long weekend”, without so much as a mention that it was in fact Memorial Day weekend, the time of the year dedicated to honoring those who fell to defend American citizens’ freedom.

After the backlash and the intense fallout, she sought to correct her omission by tweeting how we should respect our military men and women and the “service and sacrifice” they made for our freedom.

That clearly couldn’t do the trick for the patriotic fellow Americans.

However, for her radical left base, there was nothing to rectify, since they would commend her for disrespecting the memory of those who died for the freedom and peace of our nation.

In fact, her second tweet is way more likely to get her into trouble with them!

Harris and Biden are nothing more than a far-left project

The PJ Media columnist points out that Harris became vice president solely thanks to the kingmakers of the Democratic Party, who chose her to join Joe Biden for the single reason of being tirelessly committed to the grim agenda of the far left.

Other than that, she was a weird choice for bringing in literally no public support.

The Democratic kingmakers’ logic behind Harris’s nomination was the same as that behind Joe Biden’s, namely, trying to subvert Donald Trump to put in action the radical left agenda.

Thus, “Dr. Dementia”, as the columnist refers to Biden, wasn’t selected for charisma, intellect, or morals but because he could be presented as an “amiable centrist” who could beat Trump.

Support for him, however, only passed through an ironclad promise to set in motion the far left priorities.

With respect to the precise nature of the far left priorities, the columnist points out that it is perfectly epitomized by two incidents that occurred last summer.

Death to America crowds - Bidens strongest voters

In August 2020, journalist Andy Ngo reported some 700 black militants had gone on a rampage in Oakland, California, starting fires and vandalizing cars and buildings, all the while chanting “death to America.”

Townhall’s Julio Rosas reported that a week prior to that, a crowd burned an American flag outside the Kenosha County Courthouse, with one woman screaming, “Death to America!”, and kicking down a fence.

The columnist stresses that it is the “Death to America”-screaming crowd that is the mightiest support base for Biden/Harris.

That is evidenced further by its attacks against American monuments in what was an outright frenzy last summer.

Paradoxically enough, though, the leftist radicals didn’t just topple statues of Confederate generals but also of figures such as Ulysses Grant, Abraham Lincoln, and even Frederick Douglass: American heroes who paid a huge price for striving to abolish racial injustice and slavery.

On top of all else, the columnist states, there is the 1619 Project whose purpose is to portray America’s history as nothing but a malicious record of racism, oppression, slavery, and oppression.

The actual fact, however, is that until very recently America has been the world’s freest society for people of all racial backgrounds.

Make America…Unfashionable?

The left’s agenda is designed to make you ashamed of American history in order to destroy your will to defend this nation.

They are rapidly succeeding in making love for America unfashionable.

Those who make the support base for Kamala Harris are the people who consider America a white supremacist and racist place that must be destroyed and rebuilt from scratch.

It is on them that the Left has relied on to defeat the “America First” crowd.

Thus, the columnist notes, a natural acknowledgment of Memorial Day by Harris would have amounted to supporting Trump or Ron DeSantis for the presidency in 2024. The party rejecting that our nation comes first cannot be expected to endorse our national historical heroes.

It is yet to be seen to what extend the radical leftists would let Harris’s second tweet slide, or they might start lambasting her for standing for imperialism, white supremacism, Zionism, oppression, and Trumpism, the columnist concludes.