In the past few months, there has been a lot of discussion on the infrastructure package proposed by President Joe Biden, the biggest spending plan in the times when our economy found itself literally kneeling.

Largely supported by the members and Senators of the Democratic Party, Republicans aren’t as impressed and are calling it a partisan idea, which in full objectivity - is nothing more than that.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is among the representatives of DP who are suggesting that they should proceed with adopting the plan instead of waiting on the support from GOP.

Senator Gillibrand says waiting for Republicans is a waste of time

Senator Gillibrand was interviewed on Sunday by CNN host Jake Tapper.

Her main point was that President Joe Biden and his administration were chosen by the people of America to step forward and start fixing the issues created by the former government.

According to her, the solution is to be found in new bridges, railways, the adoption of fast internet in rural areas, and in switching focus to the importance of paid family leave, not even mentioning the record-breaking costs of such policies.

Gillibrand suggested that waiting for the members of the Grand Old Party to reach compromise is a wrong move and will only take a lot of their precious time.

One of the questions that Tapper had for the Democratic Senator was whether she thinks that the Republican Party is trying to prevent the adoption of this package by negotiating in bad faith.

While she avoided giving a direct answer, Kirsten Gillibrand repeatedly stated how they have to move forward since there is no time to waste.

Gillibrand isn’t alone on this, as the other representatives of the Democratic Party shared her view and expressed the same concern as well, noting that the GOP doesn’t have the basis to block the infrastructure package.

No agreement in sight

On the other hand, the members of the GOP suggest that the Democrats have a “loose” definition of infrastructure.

Some critics even say Democrats are trying to change the definition of the term itself, so they can justify their irrational $ 1.7 trillion infrastructure plan.

To show good faith, Republicans made a counteroffer proposing an infrastructure package worth $928 billion.

While Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary didn’t initially dismiss this idea, it is clear that Democrats aren’t planning to agree on this proposal.

She suggested that the GOP plan doesn’t introduce a lot of new spending funds, thus limiting options when it comes to repairing transit systems and creating green infrastructure.

Anyhow, the GOP and Democratic Party will have to reach a deal by June 7 as both Pete Buttigieg who is a Transportation Secretary and members of the DP said they might adopt the plan without the Republicans.