Biden Administration Imposes Gag Order on New York Times

The administration of Joe Biden is under fire for imposing a gag order on the New York Times to stop it from talking about the effort to obtain email and phone records of four of its reporters. The Biden team first supported the legal effort to obtain these records before the Justice Department stepped in with the gag order in an attempt to keep this move out of the public view.

History of the Probe

The probe began on January 5 when the administration of former President Donald Trump petitioned a court in an effort to obtain the four reporters’ email information from Google. Following Inauguration Day, the Biden team continued with this effort to obtain the secret information.

However, while those with Trump did not tell the Times that they were looking to get the information, the Biden team told a few of the top executives with the Times its plans to impose the gag order. In response, a lawyer for the Times called the move unprecedented.

According to the Times, Google has refused to release the records. Google says that its contract with the Times necessitates that the Times be informed of the details of the Justice Department’s request.

Liberal Media Criticizes Biden

Even members of the media who have been largely supportive of Biden called the president out for not holding to his commitment that he made earlier when he said that he would not allow his Justice Department to seize the records of reporters.

Reporters from both CNN and the Times itself reminded people that this gag order was imposed by Biden’s own Justice Department.