Joe Biden, who became notorious for his incessant, mindboggling speech blunders long before being put forth as the Democrat Party’s façade man, has given us another hit, and this time it is one that speaks of his inherent racist nature!

Biden’s “handlers” have been trying to hide his racist past for so long, and, yet, here comes the man himself offering a blatant self-exposing through his very own words!

Ironically, these latest comments with racist “underpinnings” came precisely during the Democrat President’s speech on the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

More specifically, Biden’s words this time came down to his wishing to express infatuation with mixed-race couples and how they are being showcased in commercials.

Biden: Watch commercials

In his somewhat incoherent but characteristic way, the Democrat President attempted to argue that commercials were the most reflective indicator of society.

In his Tulsa speech, the Democrat President challenged the audience to turn on their TVs, watch a randomly selected TV channel, and be on the lookout for commercials.

If you do so, in Biden’s words, you would found out that “two to three out of five” commercials aired on American TV stations feature mixed-race couples.

According to Biden, that is no coincidence.

He further remarked that those commercials with mixed-raced couples in them “are selling soap, man,” and added that was not a joke.

Biden’s patronizing and offensive words with respect to black people are exposing the man who served as a mentor for Robert Bird, the KKK’s former Grand Dragon.

Biden’s racist saga continues

But the Democrat President didn’t stop at mixed-race soap commercials.

In his speech, he further stated that black entrepreneurs could be just as successful as white entrepreneurs if they would be given a proper chance, emphasizing how they don’t have lawyers and accountants as white people do.

There really isn’t much to explain here…

Perhaps the best reaction to this nonsense came from a Twitter user who urged everybody to wait for the time when Biden figures out there are actually black people who are accountants and lawyers.

Biden’s racist past has been routinely ignored by the mainstream media.

One just needs to think back to his Breakfast Club interview and racist comment about how black people can’t be allowed to vote for Donald Trump.

Back then, Biden impudently declared that a black person who was hesitating to pick between him and Trump isn’t black.

Let that sink in.

That is beyond offensive for any black person, not to mention the Democrats’ and Biden’s striving to “appropriate” an entire racial community of the American nation, treating them as belonging to them by default.

Probably the best evidence of Biden’s deep-seated racism is his quote from 1977 about busing, in which he declares, unless something is done, his children would grow up in a “jungle”, a “racial jungle”, that will “explode” at some point.