Adam Douglas is a US Army veteran. When he was away from home just a few days before Memorial Day, the surveillance camera that he had installed over his home caught a shocking sight happening on his front porch.

Someone had brazenly walked up onto his porch and set the American flag that he had had flying from a flagpole jutting out from his house on fire.

But the veteran’s response to this disgusting criminal act showed him to be a model of class and grace.

Psychotic Left-Wing Arsonist Goes Crazy

It’s quite amazing that Douglas’ security camera caught something so brazen happening right in the open.

Unfortunately, since the arsonist’s back was turned to the camera the whole time, it is not possible to identify whether the arsonist is a man or a woman. All that is seen is that the arsonist had long hair and was wearing a sky blue shirt and blue-green or turquoise shorts.

Douglas appeared on the show Fox & Friends to talk about what happened with hot Lawrence Jones. Jones himself was clearly extremely upset over what happened. “So, Adam, obviously, we’re upset because the flag was burned, but this is arson. I mean, they just come up to your house and set something on fire!”

The fact that the arsonist set fire to a symbol of America only a few days before Memorial Day shows his contempt for America, but contempt for America and a psychotic inability to control their emotions when they see something that offends them is something that we’ve all grown accustomed to from the left.

One has a right to hold any political opinions he pleases in America — even vile ones. But this incident is much more than another case of crazed and uncivilized behavior by a leftist. The fire which burned Douglas’ flag could easily have spread to the rest of his house, and it is extremely fortunate that it didn’t. Either this lunatic had no idea what he or she was doing and was acting on instinct, or — and this is much scarier to contemplate — the arsonist was aware that the fire could spread to the house and hoped that it might do so.

“The flag was attached to my house, and, uh, I had a concern that my house could have caught on fire as well,” Douglas said.

But unlike the leftist who torched his property, Douglas showed nothing but restraint, patience, forbearance, and dignified pride in the face of what happened to him.

When asked by Ainsley Earhardt what the American flag meant to him, Douglas replied, “Being a veteran, it has significant meaning to me — especially the meaning behind it for the weekend of Memorial Day. I fly my flag all the time, and it had special meaning to the men and women who sacrificed everything.”

Douglas then announced that in response to the incident, he would not cower or complain. He simply bought an even bigger American flag and hanged it from his house again.