A new ruling by the Senate Parliamentarian, the official advisor to the US Senate on its rules and procedures, has fully derailed the Democrats’ agenda of seeking to fundamentally change all aspects of life in America to their own liking.

The Parliamentarian issued the new ruling “quietly”, last Friday, as the Senators left Washington, DC for Memorial Day weekend.

It says that the Senate majority can use twice the reconciliation procedure – however, it cannot do so only in order to avoid a filibuster.

The ruling also stated that Congress had to start all over passing the budget once again in committees before bringing them to the Senate floor, a development that would be very time-consuming and could carry high political risks.

Not all Democrats are on the same page

The Democrats’ hopes after the 2020 election of remaking America to their own preference, from things such as federal voting dictates all the way to measures such as outlawing sub-contracting, were already delusional, to begin with.

Luckily, senate rules wisely inscribed in the Constitution and fine-tuned by hundreds of years of this nation’s political development have stood in the way of that.

Democrat Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, not to mention some others who prefer to lay low, have made it clear they wouldn’t support the elimination of filibuster.

That has left House Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and his “gang” incapable of forcing their desired policies with simple 50-50 Senate votes.

A few months ago, though, Schumer was overjoyed as he claimed a parliamentarian’s ruling had given the “green light” to his agenda.

The decision in question was never made public, and the new ruling from last Friday appears to demonstrate why.

Not only is reconciliation a very narrow process but the Byrd Rule actually requires that a reconciliation bill must deal exclusively with budgetary issues and taxes, nothing else.

It also stipulates deficit offsets that have to be accounted for.

Thus, Senate is not supposed to pass regular legislation through the reconciliation procedure – the latter is designed for a special purpose, and legislative mimicry cannot be allowed, as the latest parliamentarian’s ruling has shown.

Schumer has run out of options

That ruling also in essence wipes out much of the contents of Biden’s presently proposed “infrastructure” bill, plus the HR1 and the ProAct.

Manchin wasn’t going to back any of those bills anyway but the parliamentarian’s ruling has taken reconciliation off the Senate table and has left Schumer with no options to pass them.

It is possible that some GOP Senators might give in and handle the Democrats what they want regarding the infrastructure bill.

However, let’s hope that won’t happen.

The GOP must dig in, and not compromise, considering the situation and the need to prevent the radical agenda championed by Schumer and his allies.