Biden’s gargantuan so-called “infrastructure” boondoggle appears, surprisingly enough, to be dead in the water.

The bill, which called for an almost unbelievable $2.3 trillion dollars of spending, is just too massive for Republicans to abide. To initiate so much government spending — even after the trillions that the government has already spent and while the country is still reeling from the economic damage caused by COVID lockdowns — is just too much.

Most absurdly and insultingly of all, Democrats have just been using “infrastructure” as a cover to push through their pet projects. They’ve already shamelessly exploited the fear generated by COVID-19 to pass bills that call for massive payouts to teachers’ unions and other bailouts of key Democratic constituencies.

But even those trillions have not been enough, and Democrats want more.

Democrats have now turned “infrastructure” into an excuse to push through more of their critical-race-theory-inspired mandates. Going by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s statement that racism is “physically built into some of our highways” — surely one of the most idiotic and unhinged things ever said by any American politician in history — Democrats wanted to use the infrastructure bill to basically create race-based set-asides for business.

Republicans have said “no.”

This failure is only the latest in a string of failures for the Biden Administration and portends what is coming.

Biden’s Glaring Incompetence

Republicans rejected the Democrats’ $2.3 trillion bill and proposed a more focused $800 billion infrastructure bill instead. Democrats have rejected this, and negotiations have reportedly broken down.

Even though Democrats control the Senate, they do not control it by a wide enough margin to override a Republican filibuster. Even though Democrats might still try to pass the bill through reconciliation, it is effectively dead.

Add this latest failure to the Biden Administration’s failures on everything from immigration to convincing people to get vaccinated — and of course, who could forget Kamal Harris’ disgracefully hilarious recent trip to Guatemala? — and you have a picture emerge of what could very well turn out to be a one-term presidency.

Biden clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing. Speculations about his cognitive decline have long abounded, though. What might be scarier is that the people around him have no idea what they’re doing either, and we see the fruits of that all around us.