On Sunday, Democrat Vice President Kamala Harris finally made her first official foreign trip by going to Guatemala to supposedly address the causes of illegal immigration to the US – only to be greeted by outspoken local protesters who had chilling messages for her.

The Guatemalan protesters, many of them seemingly pro-Trump activists, were flashing giant signs telling “Kamala” to get out of their country, to mind her business… oh, and that “Trump won” the 2020 election!

Considering how the Biden administration welcomes illegals and is willing to pour cash on any foreign country, the cold welcome surely surprised Harris and the members of her team, writes Western Journal commentator Kevin Catapano.

Kamala, stay away

However, Society in Action, a local group responsible for this story, made it clear that its activists weren’t protesting against Harris’s visit per se, but against her blackmail in exchange for aid, and her interference in their country’s domestic affairs.

A demonstrator stated that the protesters are against the agenda of the Biden administration in favor of imposing its ideology of LGBTQ and pro-abortion policies.

A 2016 poll cited by the U.S. State Department stated how 87% of Guatemalans are Christian, and good Christians believe in the sanctity of life and God’s holy design – which is why those people cannot be expected to be happy about women’s presumed “right” to decide to destroy a baby in the mother’s womb.

The commentator also points out that as far as the bribery presented as humanitarian aid is concerned, Guatemalans appear to be like many Americans as they seem to desire individual freedom, equal opportunities, and for the Democrats to leave them alone.

Catapano wonders why a population believing in the unconditional value of human life and in personal freedom would decide to follow the aggressive anti-freedom, anti-scientific LGBT agenda of the Biden administration.

That same agenda provides for pretending to ignore male and female biological markers and to state that sex is determined by personality.

It then cracks down on personal and religious freedom daring to oppose this anti-scientific insanity.

The world doesn’t want American Wokeism

Apparently, the people of Guatemala, just like many Americans, don’t want their children to be taught about “people with vulvas” and pregnant men.

It isn’t just Guatemalans – the French also seem to want leftist wokeism to remain in American universities and an American problem.

That is quite right: ideological leftism must be kept within the United States and it must be defeated there, the commentator writes.

Catapano then outlines how the Biden administration has cornered itself with respect to the illegal immigration crisis: instead of keeping up Trump’s solutions of fortifying the border and removing incentives for human trafficking criminals, the Democrats have touted addressing some unclear “root cause” of the problem.

Under that line of thinking, the United States would have to go in and solve other countries’ problems for them, which is absurd.

The Guatemalans seem to know that, as well as we do, the commentator concludes.