During this current era of cancel culture, the country needs leaders who will preserve our heritage and tell the truth. During a speech at the North Carolina Republican Party State Convention, North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson did exactly that. He spoke out against what he believes is a socialist tide that threatens this country.

A Reminder of True American Heritage

During his speech, Robinson told the crowd that our American ancestors were not “weak, jelly-backed, spineless people.” While many on the left focus on racial issues when approaching U.S. history, Robinson said that all Americans made sacrifices and have equal opportunity for prosperity. He then brought up some significant American triumphs in history, such as Bunker Hill, Gettysburg, and Iwo Jima.

Proud and strong Americans won those battles to ensure that Americans have freedom and opportunity today. Those are the people with whom Americans today share a common heritage.

Heritage Is of Strength and Unity

Later in his speech, Lieutenant Governor Robinson said that the country must accurately recall its heritage and be persistent in the face of opposition. Today, there are so many people who try to bring down that sacred heritage of strength and unity. According to Robinson, the country must win the battle to pass down these attributes to the American offspring. In order to succeed, Americans must work as hard as previous generations did to preserve American values. The country’s heritage does not deserve to be canceled by the woke elite.

Instead, it should be put in the hands of hardworking ordinary Americans to pass it along to the next generation. This was a clarion call against the effort to change American for the worse.