Wandrea “Shaye” Moss, one of the election supervisors in Fulton County, Georgia caught tampering with the election process on video, received a subpoena in order to give her view on the case in front of a local court.

Wandrea “Shaye” Moss is the daughter of Ruby Freeman, another election staffer.

Two of them and Fulton County Government’s Registration Chief, Ralph Jones, became notorious for voting violations during the 2020 election in Georgia.

On 2020 election night, after everybody, including GOP observers, had left the State Farm Arena, this trio and some other people pulled out hidden ballots from under a table and started to jam them in the machines for vote tabulation!

These impudent election workers, who had been entrusted with guarding the sanctity of the election process in the state of Georgia, were caught on video footage as they were stuffing entire stacks of ballots through the voting machines 2-3 times each.

“Shaye”, the woman in blonde pigtails, could be seen removing suitcases of ballots from under a table in order to manipulate the voting machines.

The saga continues

These culprits were first identified back in early December by The Gateway Pundit thanks to a Facebook post in which Ruby Freeman bragged that her daughter Shaye was her election supervisor.

Conservative media promptly asked the FBI why Ruby Freeman, Wandrea Moss, and Ralph Jones hadn’t been arrested for election-related crimes.

However, as expected, the FBI did absolutely nothing about the case.

President Donald Trump was seemingly aware of the trio’s crimes.

Trump called Georgia’s State Secretary Raffensperger, who, however, turned out to be crooked and didn’t do anything about that case or any other election manipulations.

Shaye, Ruby, and Ralph, to their misfortune, are now in the news once again, as Ruby Freeman’s daughter and election supervisor Shaye has been subpoenaed in a civil case in the by now notorious Fulton County in Georgia, a development first reported on Saturday night.

Numerous other irregularities and suspicious occurrences have taken place in Georgia’s Fulton County with respect to the 2020 election and the efforts to audit it.

As a state judge recently ordered some 140,000 ballots to be scanned and examined, there had been two incidents in which the ballot storage facility had been left with its door wide open and its alarm going off.