Jill Biden’s Picture Raises Questions by Fox News Host

It did not take long for Tucker Carlson to roast Dr. Jill Biden for a picture that she recently posted to her Twitter account. But who can blame Carlson for going after the ridiculous photo op?

Details of Picture

The first lady posted the picture of her sitting at the designated presidential desk while looking through a briefing book aboard Air Force One. She was accompanying her husband to the G7 Summit, the president’s first overseas trip in office.

While posting a picture aboard Air Force One is not a big deal in itself, it was that she was sitting in command at the president’s desk that raised eyebrows. The accompanying caption was also problematic. The copy read “prepping for the G-7.”

Questions Arise

Naturally, the curious picture and caption raised questions about what the first lady was doing. In addition, if she was sitting at the presidential desk, where was her husband?

Either the first lady was completely oblivious to how this picture would be received or she knew the message that it would send about her being in charge and she chose to post it anyway. Neither of these situations is a good look for her.

Carlson’s Response

In skewering the picture, the Fox News host joked that perhaps she was simply finally reviewing the position paper that she had to write for her Ed.D. This paper has been a joke ever since it was released.

Carlson also wondered aloud what signal she was trying to send with this picture. It does not give the nation much comfort if its president is acquiescing power to his wife.