From day one, the primary goal of the Biden Administration has been to make it seem as if the Trump Administration never happened.

As many Trump policies as possible have been reversed unilaterally and by executive order as soon as Biden came into office. Perhaps the most prominent of these was Trump’s border wall, which Biden immediately halted construction on upon assuming office.

The result has been a flood of immigrants so massive and so overwhelming that even Central American countries like Guatemala have begun rebuking the Biden Administration. Texas has finally decided to step in and build a wall on its border with Mexico all on its own in order to stem the tide.

But this is just one example. As Biden has been bumbling his way through the G7 summit, his Administration has taken apart Trump’s Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office, or VOICE. The office was intended to investigate crimes committed by illegal aliens — crimes that go beyond those aliens’ mere violation of US immigration law.

The clear purpose of such an office was to give support to American victims of illegal alien crime and to show that America, as a nation, places more importance upon its own native citizens than it does upon those hailing from other countries. It was, in short, an unabashedly nationalistic policy.

But the Biden Administration has not only dismantled VOICE, but it has created something called the Victims Engagement and Services Line, or VESL, in its stead. VESL is designed to support the illegal aliens themselves. If that sounds unbelievable, it’s nevertheless true.

America Last

The leftists in the Biden Administration do not believe in the integrity of national borders — at least not of those nations who happen to have white majorities. It would be difficult to imagine the Biden Administration demanding that Mexico or Nigeria open their borders to allow in endless waves of immigrants from Europe, for example, but it has no problem doing so if the country to be flooded is the United States.

But it isn’t just that Biden’s people don’t believe in the nation-state as a viable, cohesive unit on the world stage. If that’s all they believed in, that could be shown merely by abolishing VOICE. The fact that they replaced it with VESL shows not only that the Biden Administration does not believe that America has any right to demographic or territorial integrity but that non-white foreigners are more important to them than the white members of their own domestic population.

VESL is described as an organization whose purpose is to provide “methods for people to report abuse and mistreatment in immigration detention centers and a notification system for lawyers and others with a vested interest in immigration and other cases.”

The irony here is that had Biden not asked the teeming masses of Central America to come here when running for president, the “abuses” at detention centers would not be going on.

Former senior advisors in the Trump Administration like Stephen Miller and Jon Feere were furious at this decision and rightly saw that it expressed open contempt for Americans.