The Joe Biden show has gone global, and that is hardly a good thing for Americans standing in the world. Perhaps it is better when he hides behind the closed doors of the White House because the rest of the world does not see that the greatest country on earth is led by a very confused man. He comes to his senses long enough to compromise American strength in exchange for approval from back-slapping leaders who flatter him for a minute while picking his pockets.

Biden Follows Trump’s Strength With Surrender

Biden’s stumbles at the G-7 were many. Instead of the strength projected by Donald Trump, Biden mixed up key countries and was corrected by Boris Johnson on one occasion.

Yet, Biden was treated like a conquering hero by the fawning world leaders, not realizing that what they were after was American largesse. With Trump out of the White House for now, the United States has gone back to underwriting the world for precious little in return. Trump pressured rich countries like Germany to pay their fair share while Biden lets them off the hook. While Trump may not have been a popular guest at the G-7, he was looking after American interests as part of his America First agenda.

Honoring Biden for American Money

The G-7 has gone back to being an exercise in American surrender, seeking to buy approval on the world stage instead of leading.

It has become a self-congratulatory exercise from leaders pretending to be the global elite. They move Biden to the head of the table, playing America for suckers. Meanwhile, Biden surrenders to the rest of the world instead of asserting America’s rightful place as the world superpower.