HBO’s Real Time host Bill Maher, a well-known liberal and Democrat, has ripped what he calls “progressophobia” of wokeism, i.e. the failure to acknowledge the achievement of the very “progress” it has demanded under its own askew standards.

In his Friday’s installment of Real Time, Maher destroyed the woke youth’s narrative that America is experiencing an all-time high of white power and privilege.

Reacting to a New York Times quote by comedian Kevin Hart, Maher stated that one of the greatest problems with “wokeness” is the fact that what one says doesn’t have to be true or based on facts – since all that wokeism worries about is that it isn’t construed as racist or “-phobic”.

Is America more racist now than 100 years ago?

The HBO host went on to explain in detail why it is ridiculous to claim in the present day that white privilege and white power are at historically high rates.

Maher compared present-day America with our country from 100 years ago, reminding of the Tulsa Massacre, the KKK, and the Jim Crow laws, or with the 1960s when black singers such as Willie Mays and the Supremes were not allowed to be in the same hotel as the white people with whom they worked.

He then went even further back to the time of slavery.

The HBO host begged the wokeism-gripped part of America to find a cure for what he called a “progressive allergy” to recognize progress under its own standards.

Besides the vastly improved standing of people of color, including racial diversity on television and interracial marriages, Maher pointed out other examples of “societal advances” or evolution of American society which have been highly desirable by progressivists and have been achieved.

He named the fight for gay rights which has now culminated into its own full-fledged Pride Month, and, more recently, the legalization of marijuana.

Wokeism suffers from progressophobia

Maher accused numerous wokeists of suffering from a “bad case of progressophobia.”

He said the term was invented by Canadian-American cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker in order to describe a brain disorder plaguing liberals and causing them to be “incapable of recognizing progress”.

Maher linked it to situational blindness that makes people unable to realize how their 2021 dorms are better than the pre-war south.

The HBO host argued that progressophobia is self-defeating for wokeism because progress is supposed to be the product it is selling.

He went on to lambast some of the misguided policies such as a new type of wokeist segregation: having black-only dorms and black-only graduation ceremonies, or beliefs that white people are a malady and irredeemable.

Maher further exposed the wokeism narrative for portraying color as a morally superior act.

He concluded by pointing out to “woke” youth that there was a world before they were born, and mocked them further by stating that the third marker for human events should be introduced: “before you.”