There’s a reason why Kamala Harris crashed and burned so badly back during the Democratic primaries. More than anything else, her chief flaw has always been that she comes off as nauseatingly fake.

People can sense inauthenticity, so when they heard her artificial and inappropriately timed laughter, they knew immediately that there was something off about her.

Absolutely nothing that Kamala Harris has yet done as Vice President has given anyone even the slightest reason to revise any of these impressions.

But underneath her artificial veneer, a certain kind of viciousness lurks. And when Kamala Harris is in any way threatened or questioned — something which, alas, happens all too rarely — that viciousness emerges.

This happened in response to a completely fair and reasonable question that was given to her by a reporter recently.

Kamala Harris Acts Like a Psychopathic HR Lady

First of all, to give a heaping helping of irony to this moment, the reporter involved in this incident, named Ilia Calderon, works for Univision, the Spanish-language news network. Calderon asked Harris a very simple and direct question: “When are you going to the border, Vice President?”

Certainly, everyone deserves a straight answer to this question. Migrants have been unremittingly streaming across the border since Biden became president. Many are blatantly advertising the fact that they are coming because Biden urged them to come. It says so on many of their shirts.

Furthermore, many of these Central American migrants are desperately poor, and their only means of getting to America is to indenture themselves to brutally violent drug cartels.

Assuming that these people don’t die on the trip — and quite a few do — they will be forced to work off their debts to the cartels once they get to America. The Biden Administration knows this, and yet, it does nothing.

And of course, the crowning horror of the whole situation is probably the sheer number of unaccompanied children in these migrant caravans. Videos of them being dropped over the border fence by cartel members and left to fend for themselves have been all over the internet. Even if they are processed at the border, they are generally handed off to unknown adults. The adults may claim to be their family members, but as no one has any documentation, it is impossible to verify this. There have been allegations that these children are being sex trafficked.

Kamala Harris, as Biden’s border czar, has been assigned the task of overseeing this mess. And yet, she has not even bothered to personally go to the border. It’s perfectly obvious that she does not care about the situation. Even the Guatemalan president has rebuked her for this. For her, these Hispanic migrants only have value as potential Democratic voters.

When this is brought up to Harris in even the mildest of ways, she reacts with thinly veiled rage. Moreover, it’s a kind of narcissistic rage — a rage that is born of the fact that Harris is used to having everyone fawn over her. Despite her objectively meager accomplishments as a Senator and her absolutely ghastly record as a prosecutor, the media classes have almost uniformly praised her.

Just look at the way that Harris snapped at Calderon when she asked her about when she would go to the border. Not only did Harris once again refuse to answer that question, but there was an obvious tone of, “How dare you question me?” in her reply.

Thin-skinned and mediocre narcissists like Kamala Harris should not be allowed to have power in our country. If they are, it will not be difficult to predict which direction the country will head in.