With their ridiculously uncritical embrace of Democrat President Joe Biden, more aptly nicknamed “Geriatric Joe” (we’ll come to that later), mainstream media in the United States is quickly becoming the laughing stock of journalists around the world.

In a recent commentary segment, Sky News Australia anchors were unable to contain their laughter at the ridiculous CNN pampering of Joe Biden as he departed on his first foreign trip in order to participate in a G-7 meeting in the UK, a NATO summit in Brussels, and a one-on-one meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Geneva.

Trump was treated unfairly

One Australian Sky News anchor pointed out how the mainstream media have been ecstatic as their beloved Biden was getting ready for his trip to the UK to attend the G-7 summit.

The anchor cited the CNN coverage of what is said to be a “momentous” event of Joe Biden’s departure and compared it with CNN coverage of former President Donald Trump’s attendance at a G-7 summit.

In the latter case, CNN referred to it as the G-6 when Trump was there in order to lambast the then President’s stance.

When Biden is participating, however, CNN and other MSM are trying to give the illusion he doesn’t have any disputes with the other international leaders, which is definitely not the case since our relations with China, Russia, and the European Union have never been worse.

Media writer Sophie Elsworth of The Australian commented that Biden is a very lucky person since he has almost all the media on his side, particularly CNN.

In her words, that is completely the opposite of what they did to Trump since Biden has been getting all the positive PR he can get - by default.

She said it was appalling to watch the greatly biased coverage, and asked rhetorically what has happened to straight and objective news reporting, which doesn’t seem to exist there anymore.

The anchor reacted by noting that it’s not really journalism, asking “is it?”, as the CNN journalists have turned into stenographers - just documenting history without being critical.

He stressed how with Trump they were always ultra-critical and inflammatory.

And another gaffe…

Another commentator in the studio, Nick Cater from the Menzies Research Center, commented that Trump “could do no right” in the eyes of America’s mainstream media.

He emphasized that there are considerable question marks over Biden’s foreign policies, while Trump got many things right such as pivoting to China and bringing about the Abraham accords, which Cater described as a huge step to peace in the Middle East.

He added the biggest worry about Biden is that he isn’t in control.

Another video clip by Sky News showed “geriatric Joe” (told you we’ll get back to this), being corrected by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson during the G-7 in a highly embarrassing moment.

As the British leader welcomed India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi joining via video link, he also introduced President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa as also attending virtually the meeting of the G-7 leaders.

It was at that point that Biden, who was sitting right next to him, added to Johnson that he should also present the president of South Africa.

Johnson could then be seen twice waving away the US President’s interruptions on the matter, reiterating that he had already introduced Ramaphosa.