House Speaker Turns Back on Democratic Leaders Over Ilhan Controversy

Nancy Pelosi walked back a party rebuke of controversial congresswoman Ilhan Omar, calling into question her ability to stand up to the so-called squad. As Speaker of the House and the Democratic Party’s most senior member of Congress, Pelosi’s words carry a lot of weight.

Details of Omar’s Comments

Rep. Omar originally found herself in hot water when she equated acts by the U.S. and Israel with terrorist activities of Hamas and the Taliban. As a result of the comments, minority leader Kevin McCarthy is even considering introducing a privileged resolution this week that would remove Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Original Response and Reaction

Immediately following Omar’s comments, the leaders of the Democratic Party condemned her remarks. However, the squad was quick to come to the defense of their precious Omar.

This led Pelosi to appear on a CNN Sunday news program to walk back the rebuke of Omar by party leaders. Did she cave to the power of the squad? It would appear as if she did. In an additional statement, Pelosi and five other House Democrats said they welcomed Omar’s clarification.

Who Is in Charge?

Pelosi’s defense of Omar leads many in the party to wonder who really is in charge these days?

While most would agree that the leadership of the party was in the right to call out Omar for her ridiculous equivalencies, the leadership folded when Omar’s squad attacked the defense. Who is in charge of the Democrats these days? Is it Pelosi, or is it the squad?