Although the mainstream media has done everything in its power to “bury” President Trump, the latest poll conducted by Hill-HarrisX shows that a third of Republican voters believe President Donald Trump will be reinstated this year.

When asked “Do you believe Trump could return to the Oval Office this year,” just over two-thirds of Republicans said no or doubted such an outcome, and statistics among independent and Democratic voters are even more unfavorable.

Specifically, 26% of independent voters believe that Trump could take power again, while only 13% of Democrats believe that such an outcome is possible.

The results look worse than they actually are

Although a large part of the media characterized these results as the final fall of Trump, the question itself, but also the results, hides seemingly invisible details!

The media tried to portray the poll results as a big drop in support for the former president, not mentioning how the question referred to Trump’s potential takeover of office this year.

Not in two, three, or four years.

This year.

So these numbers do not indicate the actual state of public opinion, nor do they accurately show the percentage of support for Trump, no matter how much the mainstream media tried to portray it that way.

Also, it is known that in the past few years most polls favored Democratic candidates, portraying the Republican Party and high-profiled Republicans inferior to Democrats.

And we all know how it ended.

So, don’t worry, if you’re a Trump supporter, these numbers shouldn’t worry you.

Just remember what happened in 2016.