Bill Maher, an HBO presenter who often mocks Republicans, is perhaps the best indicator of ideological divisions among Democrats.

His last public appearances were criticized by the emerging force in the Democratic Party, the so-called wokeists, some of whom declared Maher, a self-proclaimed liberal, a Republican!

And while you don’t always have to agree with Maher’s opinion, which is a completely legitimate right of every person in this country, the HBO presenter occasionally very concisely and soundly logically recognizes the problems not only of the Democratic Party, but of American society as a whole.

That is why Maher often finds himself under fire from “awakened” democrats, who call him a racist, an Islamophobe, and what hurts Maher the most - a Republican.

However, his latest rant shouldn’t be something that any sane person should even consider controversial.

Wokeists are destroying Democrat Party

One thing is clear.

Wokeism is destroying the Democrats, and it seems that Maher is well aware of it.

In his last address, Maher touched on Lin-Manuel Miranda, the winner of the Pulitzer, several Tony, Grammy, and Emmy awards.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the child of Puerto Rican immigrants, with his latest work, the musical “In the Heights,” provoked a backlash of woke Twitter users, who decided to express their anger for what can be only seen as a dumb reason.

Although the musical scored very high marks on Rotten Tomatoes, over 95%, and excellent reviews from professional critics, Miranda had to apologize for not including the Afro-Latinx performer!

To make matters even more bizarre, Miranda included Latinx and black performers, but apparently forgot to check the list of all those who might be offended if left out.

Miranda had to apologize

What angered Maher is not so much the fact that a couple of unemployed individuals who don’t have anything better to do than divide people by skin color triggered attacks on LMM, but the fact that Miranda apologized for his “failure”.

Maher stated that called-out people should stop apologizing, especially in a case like Miranda’s, where “a Latino guy made a Latino musical with Latino actors”.

Maher also stated that this kind of behavior leads to the decline in the popularity of Democrats, and how the whole story became “cringey”.

The HBO presenter also emphasized that sooner or later people will have to stand up to the bullying behavior of wokeists since nothing is ever up to their standards, comparing them to spoiled children.

It is clear that the newly accepted ideological changes in Biden’s administration, and their systematic “pushing” through various programs of civil society organizations, the media, and the entertainment industry, do not meet with the approval of all Democrats.

Yet, they seem to have decided not to raise voices.

Will Maher become the next victim of cancel culture, just as his British colleague Piers Morgan?

Well, if he had been a Republican, he would probably have experienced such a fate a long time ago.