Harris’ Trip to Guatemala at Center of Controversy

Senator Marco Rubio did not mince words when he criticized Vice President Kamala Harris and her trip to Guatemala, calling it a “disastrous series of meetings.” The Republican senator from Florida made the comments on Thursday during an appearance on Fox Business.

Rubio Does Not Hold Back

Rubio said that the people of Guatemala would not listen to Harris after she warned them to not come to the U.S. during her recent diplomatic visit to the Central American country. The senator pointed to the fact that Harris campaigned for president in 2019, saying that she would welcome immigrants, making this sudden change of thought seem disingenuous.

Not only did he call the visit disastrous, but he also said that he cannot remember a worse trip for any president or vice president.

Contradiction of Harris

Rubio reminded viewers that the campaign of President Joe Biden and Harris ran on the premise that their immigration policy would be much different than former President Donald Trump. However, these immigrants cannot be expected to listen to Harris now when she says to stay away from the border after she spent the last 18 months telling them that the U.S. would not turn anyone away.

Harris has also been clear about her view on immigration policy in her writing. Her recent book, “The Truths We Hold,” confirmed her opinion that a border wall is a waste of money and not necessary to secure the U.S.

However, it is no secret that the Biden administration has had a challenging time policing the border since taking office in January with record numbers of immigrants streaming into the country.