For a while now, defunding the police has been all the rage among the left. The consequences of such foolhardy and utopian nonsense have been entirely predictable: skyrocketing crime rates.

Now that this reality has manifested itself so starkly that no one can deny it, major blue cities like New York City, Baltimore, Oakland, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles have recently announced plans to return tens of millions of dollars to funding for their police departments.

The money will go toward recruiting and training more officers and properly equipping those offers to deal with the upsurge in crime that has been blazing through these Democrat-Controlled cities.

Refund the Police!

New York City plans to add an additional $92 million to its police budget so that it may construct a new police precinct.

Following cuts to police budgets in the city last summer, shootings have gone up 68%. In addition, half of the $400 million in police funding that the city cut will be restored.

Baltimore also cut $22 million from its police budget last summer, but now that crime in the city has exploded, the city plans to increase the police budget by $27 million.

Predictably, residents of major cities are furious that city government officials can no longer keep orders on their streets.

The Real Cause of Crime

The left is fundamentally wrong about what really causes crime. For decades, leftist thinkers and activists have, in one form or another, been advancing the thesis that crime is caused, in various ways, by “society.”

Some have assigned the causes of crime to poverty and social desperation. Others, like the recent defund-the-police crowd, have put forward the absurd idea that it is actually the police who are responsible for the crime because the police allegedly persecute and put institutional pressure upon various poor and marginalized groups.

The blunt and unfortunate truth is that crime does not exist because environmental conditions force people to turn to crime. Crime exists because some members of the human species are violent and sadistic animals who take pleasure in hurting others.

Crime is rooted in human nature. It is not something that any political tinkering or gimmicky program can ever fully eliminate.

And since most violent criminals are innately what they are and feel no natural sympathy for others, only appeals to their selfishness can prevent them from committing crimes. That means that there must be an overwhelming threat of force that exists to deter crime. That is the only thing that hardened criminals understand.