Former porn star Stormy Daniels (real name, Stephanie Clifford) and sociopathic grifter Michael Avenatti, once the darlings of the anti-Trump hysterics over at CNN, now appear to be poised to take each other out.

And the way in which this seems likely to happen is so absurd, ridiculous, and outright hilarious that you truly couldn’t make it up.

Stormy and Her Lawyer: Tweddle-Dee and Tweddle-Dum

Daniels’ and Avenatti’s saga is an especially stupid one. It, therefore, serves as a testament to the childish willingness of the media to give a platform to anything — absolutely anything — provided that it happens to be anti-Trump.

You may recall that the whole mess between Trump and Stormy Daniels started when she emerged and accused Trump of sleeping with her and then paying her about $130,000 in exchange for keeping quiet about the matter.

Cue the entry of pseudo-white-knight Michael Avenatti, the man who became Daniels’ lawyer and who struck the posture of someone who was defending poor, exploited women everywhere. Avenatti used the copious air time that CNN granted him to engage in a constant campaign of self-promotion, even teasing a run for the presidency at one point. All throughout, CNN breathlessly presented Avenatti and his client as the saviors of the republic from the tyranny of the evil orange man.

The irony, therefore, was palpable when it finally emerged that Avenatti, the defender of womankind, had actually been exploiting his clients and embezzling money from them, including from Daniels herself. Avenatti was then promptly disbarred and brought up on criminal charges.

Daniels then finally emerged to call out Avenatti as a grifter. Of course, Avenatti was always a grifter, but the fact that Daniels only bothered to say so after it became clear that Avenatti was stealing from her says quite a bit about her own self-serving ways.

In any event, the two are now engaged in a lawsuit against one another. As part of this lawsuit, Avenatti has now completely thrown Daniels under the bus. Some of the accusations between her are almost too ridiculous to repeat. We assure you that the following quotations from his court filings are genuine.

Avenatti now claims that “Ms. Clifford has made any number of bizarre, fantastical claims that call into serious question her truthfulness, mental state, and ability to competently testify.”

Among these, Avenatti says, “(1) she ‘sees dead people’ and can communicate with them; (2) she recently helped someone locate a body through her physic powers; (3) in early 2019, she became obsessed by spirits after moving into a “haunted house” in New Orleans… [that] she is a ‘witch’ who practices witchcraft and can rid people of spirits (a “service” for which she charges); and (11) she possesses supernatural powers that allow her to serve as a ‘medium’ to the dead and conduct ‘paranormal investigations.’

You can’t make this up.

Even better, Daniels has now fired back, claiming that Avenatti is engaging in “religious discrimination” against her for pointing out that she purportedly engages in witchcraft.

CNN, of course, utterly refuses to apologize for, or even explain, its decision to present these clowns to the nation for months on end as credible people.