Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been seeking to pass a law that tightens up Texas’ election security and makes it more difficult to commit election fraud. The bill, known as Senate Bill 7, introduces more stringent ID verification requirements, makes it more difficult for Texans to vote by mail, and enacts other common-sense reforms to bolster the integrity of Texas’ elections.

In response, the Democrats of the Texas State Legislature walked out of the body’s final session, thus preventing a quorum and preventing the bill’s final passage.

In response to this desperate ploy, Abbott recently threatened to use his line-item veto power over the state’s budget to veto sections of the budget that fund the legislature itself.

Happily, Abbott is part of a recent trend of Republicans who actually appear to take the idea of fighting the left seriously. He has not caved into Democrats’ demands.

In fact, Abbott has just made good on his threat. He has cut state funding to the legislature and host of different legislative programs. Not only that, he has slashed the budget provisions that are responsible for the legislators’ pay.

Actually Fighting the Left for Once

In a statement on the matter, Abbott said, “Texans don’t run from a legislative fight, and they don’t walk away from unfinished business. Funding should not be provided for those who quit their job early, leaving their state with unfinished business and exposing taxpayers to higher costs for an additional legislative session.”

Democrats, of course, strongly detested Abbott’s move, calling his actions an “abuse of power” and calling Abbott himself a “dictator.”

But of course, state legislators are not automatically entitled to their pay. Their pay comes at taxpayer expense. If they refuse to serve the taxpayer, as these Democrats are doing, then they have no right to be paid by the taxpayer.

Article X, the section of the budget which Abbot vetoed, also affects the pay of staffers. Some are worried that this will require the legislature to lay people off. But since the new budget doesn’t begin until September 1, these fears appear to be baseless — provided that this dispute over the election bill is resolved by then.

Abbott has said that there will be two more special sessions of the Texas State Legislature in September and October — one to redraw Texas’ political districts and dole out $16 billion in coronavirus relief funding and the other to pass the election integrity bill and work on some other miscellaneous measures.

Again, what is so terrible about ID requirements for voting? Why are Democrats so strongly against this? In fact, this idea is so popular now that even Stacey Abrams over in Georgia has recently taken to pretending that she never opposed it.

Texas Democrats are not doing themselves any favors with their petulant display. If they refuse to serve taxpayers, they should not be paid.

Bravo to Gov. Abbot for having a spine.