The far left has launched an offensive against the story of the Battle of the Alamo and the heritage of Texas because it runs counter to its agenda and narrative, leading Texas historian Gary Foreman has said regarding a new wokeism book called “Forget the Alamo”.

Speaking on Dinesh D’Souza’s podcast, Foreman agreed that the book in question appears to be designed to smear the Texas revolution as part of America’s historical heritage.

The book in question describes the Alamo as a racist symbol since it presents the breaking away of Texas from Mexico as an effort to protect slavery.

Leftist theory based on lies

Foreman, a historian who was part of the History Channel’s original programming when it started back in 1994, and has been involved with the Alamo Plaza Project, told D’Souza that the book’s narrative is ridiculous and cannot be further from the facts.

He added how this attack isn’t the first time that the far left has attacked Texas for its cultural heritage since in recent years those attacks have become a trend as the woke agenda is raising its ugly head.

Foreman warned that such wokeism narrative is influencing the younger generations who are still ignorant about this real story.

The historian pointed out that the three authors of the book smearing the heroes of the Alamo and the Texas revolution actually approached him and numerous other experts under false pretenses.

The authors gave the impression that they were interested in real history and expanding on how the Alamo should be interpreted.

Instead, it turned out that they weren’t after the fact but were “skimming”, as the old term for bad journalism goes.

They weren’t interested at all in telling the truth.

Nothing but propaganda

Foreman emphasized that the Texas declaration and constitution didn’t mention slavery, and while there were some people in Texas involved with slavery, it was a small minority.

The leftist agenda, of course, forgets to mention Texas abolitionists.

Saying the Alamo was fought to protect slavery is nothing more than ignoring facts.

Foreman stressed that slavery has become a trendy woke stroke word or keyword for getting people alarmed and upset, but it’s way outside the real story of Texas.

The historian slammed the portrayal of Texas heroes Davy Crockett and Sam Houston as plain racists, underscoring their long-term relationships with the Native Americans, especially, respectively, with the Cherokee and the Chickasaw.

Foreman explained that since the Mexican constitution of 1824 was patterned after the US Constitution, American settlers at the time felt comfortable going to this new republic.

Shortly after that, however, the Mexican republic was replaced by a junta led by dictator Santa Anna.

He pointed out there were plenty of Hispanics who fought for Texas, and who enjoyed greater rights and protection in the United States despite discrimination than they would have hoped for in Mexico.

Foreman concluded that the authors of the book smearing the Alamo weren’t interested in the truth but were interested in turning down Texan and American heritage.

He said the Texas story inspires a self-reliant, can-do spirit that is very contagious which is really tough for the agenda of the far left.