Rep. Jamaal Bowman, a progressive Democrat from New York, has spat out the public secret which is the reason why the Democrats have been trying to pass a voting reform bill: namely, so they can remain in power forever.

Speaking on CNN, Bowman admitted that the sole purpose of the proposed legislation known as H.R.1/S.1 but also pretentiously referred to by the Democrats as the “For the People Act” is to keep the left in power beyond 2022.

In his CNN interview, the New York member of the House declared that Democrat President Joe Biden was supposed to use the relationships that he has built throughout his career in order to ensure the passage of “S1.”

Risk of losing power

Bowman stated that the Democrats have been sent to Congress by the American people in order “to deliver”.

Thus, if the Democrats would deliver, they get to stay in power in 2022, the progressivist emphasized.

And, in his bluntly put words, if they fail to pass the “For the People Act” bill, if they demonstrate that they are incapable of “delivering”, the Democrats “risk losing power” as well as losing “this moment” in the history of the United States in order to “really push” their own party’s “progressive agenda.”

Bowman therefore couldn’t have been straightforward about why Democrats have been so overzealous to get this voting reform bill through.

Perplexingly, the Democratic Party has been behaving as though it has been granted a mandate to grab total power for good – regardless of their highly dubious presidential win amid a pandemic, their humiliating loss of House seats, and their narrowest possible capture of the Senate, not to mention their major losses at the state level.

Far-left radicalism

Only a delusional but power-greedy cohort could decide that they should go all out for a total power grab and imposing a far-left agenda on this nation despite the opposition of the American people.

Of course, the Democrats have no public mandate for that – and that’s not even speaking of Joe Biden’s courtroom losses as he tries to expand his and his party’s power grab.

Bowman’s revealing remarks came just several hours before the Republicans managed to block the Democrats’ power grab push as Tuesday evening’s procedural 50-50 vote denied the latter the opportunity to start debates on their H.R.1/S.1 bill.

That doesn’t mean the Democrats won’t try again.

But it is worth pointing out that 80% of Americans do support voter ID, and by supporting their bill, all Democrat Senators voted against voter ID, a true testimony to their far-left radicalism.