Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) delivered a devastating blow to the Democrats for their outright hypocrisy in seeking to eliminate the legislative filibuster while being in power.

Cotton’s full-blown floor remarks came hours before Tuesday evening’s procedural 50-50 vote in which the GOP blocked the Democrats’ motion to start debates on their landmark voting reform bill known as H.R.1/S.1, pretentiously named “For the People Act.”

In his Senate floor speech, Cotton convincingly exposed the Democrats for their 180-degree turn on the filibuster after they spent the four years of the Donald Trump presidency defending the vital legislative tool.

The Arkansas Senator refuted the Democrats’ accusations that the GOP doesn’t want to even debate the voting reform bill, which is why it is resorting to utilizing the filibuster.

Instead, he made it clear, the simple reason the Republicans refused to debate the proposed piece of legislation is because of their conviction that elections cannot be “federalized”, and ought to remain the prerogative of the states.

Democrat hypocrisy is not surprising

Cotton then went on to beat back the allegations made by the Democrat Senators portraying the Republicans’ use of the filibuster as an “unprecedented affront” stripping the Senate of democratic debates.

The reality is, however, that the Democrats themselves did use the legislative filibuster literally hundreds of times for the duration of the Trump administration, he emphasized.

Cotton recalled that last summer the Democrats voted against even debating a proposed coronavirus relief bill, at a time when it would have brought badly needed aid to businesses and families at the height of the pandemic.

Guess what happened next…

Dems hypocritically passed basically the same bill shortly after the 2020 presidential election!

In other notable recent uses of the filibuster, the Democrats also prevented debates on police reform sponsored by Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) or bills designed to protect babies who are abortion survivors.

Unsurprising turn in Democrats politics

In responding to accusations that the filibuster is racist and a Jim Crow era relic, Cottom stressed that indeed, over the years, some Democrats have used the filibuster in order to block progress on civil rights.

Besides reminding the Democrats how they made use of the filibuster hundreds of times in the Trump presidency, he cited an April 2017 letter co-authored by Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Chris Coons (D-DL).

In that letter signed by a total of 60 Senators, they argued persuasively in defense of the filibuster.

Many of the Senators who signed it are still members of the Senate, and most of the Democrat signatories have started to behave hypocritically on the issue once the Biden administration took over.

Cotton said the only thing that has changed since the letter in defense of the filibuster was written is who presently controls the Senate – the Democrats with the Vice President’s tie-breaking vote.

The outspoken Arkansas senator concluded by telling the Democrats they ought to understand that a shoe can also pinch on the other foot.