Democrat President Joe Biden has done it again – not that anybody had any doubts – this time with his latest remarks on gun rights and gun ownership which were boiling over with bewildering comments, slurred words, and sheer nonsense.

With such appearances on Biden’s part, Second Amendment advocates don’t even need to speak out – the Democrat president is just proving their points for them.

He portrayed the Second Amendment as a legal stipulating in fact limiting gun ownership, the types of weapons that can be owned, or the types of people who could own them.

Then in an embarrassing tirade of slurred words and incomplete thoughts, the Democrat president seemed to be trying to make the bewildering point that the Second Amendment didn’t allow weapons such as cannons, F-15s, or “some nuclear weapons”, which could be used to fight your own government.

Or perhaps he was trying to get across the point that even F-15s and nuclear weapons wouldn’t enable Americans to take on the government. In any case, he did allege that the “tree of liberty” didn’t get watered with patriot’s blood – embarrassingly confusing the famous quote by Thomas Jefferson.

It is also painfully clear that Biden either does not understand, or just flat out doesn’t care about the American Constitution.

Biden seems to be losing his mind

The Democrat President’s wild slurred-word tirade went further as he told the Americans not to believe claims that places with the harshest gun laws nonetheless exhibit the greatest rates of gun violence.

Instead, he argued that the guns in the places with the highest gun violence rates are brought in from areas with looser gun laws – thus begging for the question why in that case the places with less strict gun laws don’t suffer from the greatest levels of gun violence.

Biden seems to take no notice of the fact that a lot of the gun violence in the United States is gang-related and committed with illegally procured firearms.

Nor did he explain what actions he as president was taking to tackle those types of crimes.

Whenever he actually managed to make some points in his gun rights remarks, Biden was simultaneous devoid of both logic and evidence.

His remarks, which were truly sad to watch and listen to, were garnished with a few failed attempts to name the person with whom he had met earlier in the day and his home town in a full sentence: namely, Police Chief Murphy Paul from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Just to spice things up even more, he confused the ATF with the AFT.

That is hardly surprising considering that his ATF nominee David Chipman appears to be a highly questionable anti-gun fanatic, insisting that US government helicopters were downed in Waco by Branch Davidians.