Democrat President Joe Biden has sunk to a new low in his official reaction to Tuesday’s 50-50 vote in the Senate in which the Republicans prevented the Democrats’ attempted encroachment against state election rights.

The Democrats’ preposterously named “For the People Act” bill masqueraded as a noble voting reform effort has been nothing but a brazen attempt at federalizing elections, and the GOP has fortunately managed to fend it off by refusing to even debate it precisely on those principled grounds.

The White House released a special statement on Joe Biden’s position almost immediately after the procedural vote in the Senate.

Biden’s new low!

Biden expectedly glorified the Senators from his own party for unifying for the sole purpose of defending Americans’ “sacred right to vote” and for protecting democracy in the United States.

What was somewhat surprising in that statement, however, was the declaration that the Democratic Party has risen up against what is described as “voter suppression” taking the “Jim Crow era” into the 21st century.

Such a pathetic attempt to tarnish and vilify the Republicans by drawing a non-existent parallel between the South’s racist Jim Crow laws of the long-gone past and the principled position of the GOP against the federalization of elections is a brand-new low even the progressivist-ridden Biden administration.

In his statement, the Democrat president went on to insinuate that what he portrayed as an “attack on voting rights” was “not unprecedented.”

Biden even argued that the courageous Republican stance against election federalization in fact represented a “suppression” of a piece of legislation that was designed precisely to “end voter suppression.”

Lies, lies, and more lies

The president further engaged in an insipid tirade on how Americans from all backgrounds had died and sacrificed to defend the right to vote.

That makes it seem as though the Republicans’ principled position in defense of the legal order created by the US Constitution was in any way endangering that right.

Biden ended his seemingly intentionally misleading statement by declaring a firm will to keep up the “fight”.

He said he had been engaged in that matter his entire career and was going to be speaking out more next week.

The Democrats are certain to keep their fight – except it’s not the fight for the people and for the democracy, as they want you to think.

As Democrat Congressman from New York Jamaal Bowman admitted right before Tuesday’s vote in the Senate, their fight is for a perpetual power grab, a fight they are presently trying to win on technicalities to help them ensure electoral triumphs forever on.