In a speech, Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas delivered a blistering blow against the Democrats’ power-grabbing ambitions in the “For The People Act.” In his remarks, he compared the legislation to the era of Jim Crow, saying that it is designed to entrench Democratic politicians in power as was done in the past. Cruz went on to say that Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was “inadvertently right” in his “Jim Crow 2.0” statement as this bill is the same as the old South when Democratic politicians pushed through laws to entrench their power.

Democrats’ Grotesque Lie

Senator Cruz went on to say that the fraud-prevention measures enacted by the Georgia legislature are not like Jim Crow, and anyone saying they are is pushing a “grotesque lie.”

His statement included President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, who called these new election integrity laws “Jim Crow.” In fact, Cruz said, the “For The People Act” being pushed through Congress is actually similar to Jim Crow, as the provisions in the bill will just manipulate the electorate to maintain the power of Democratic politicians locally and nationally. In the Jim Crow era, the South was solely run by Democrats, and they enacted laws that skirted around the 15th Amendment to deny African-Americans their right to vote. These restrictions included poll taxes, literacy tests, and other unnecessary requirements that very few people were able to get past.

Why The “For The People Act” Must Be Resisted

Likewise, the “Corrupt Politicians Act” will disproportionately affect voter turnout across the country, effectively giving liberal voters more priority to access the ballot box than patriotic conservative voters. In turn, if the Democrats manage to pass this legislation, a permanent liberal stranglehold of the government will turn this country into a nightmarish socialist enterprise.