Ever since the instance of one bad cop in Minneapolis, the left-wing woke mob has decided to cancel America’s law enforcement heroes. Many in the progressive movement have spoken in favor of defunding the police, even though Democratic president Joe Biden has not supported this. If the Democrats grab their desired power, some people worry that our cities and neighborhoods will turn into crime-infested wastelands with not a cop in reach.

Sheriffs Leaving the Democratic Party

Across the country, many county sheriffs have decided to switch parties from Democrat to Republican because of liberals’ desire to defund the police. The sheriff of Cascade County, Montana, Jesse Slaughter, summed the whole situation up perfectly.

He said that the far-left party in Washington, D.C., and statewide is so out of touch with his constituents in Cascade County that he can no longer honestly associate with it anymore. He tried to reason with many Montana Democratic officials to moderate their radical anti-cop agenda to no avail. To protect his constituents from spikes in crime rates that inevitably come with defunding the police, Sheriff Slaughter joined the Republican Party, which has a strong pro-safety and pro-law enforcement agenda.

Explaining His Decision

After making his party switch decision, Slaughter went on Harris Faulkner’s Fox News show to explain it to voters. He said that the law enforcement community is experiencing great trauma from liberal mobs who chant “defund the police.”

As a result, he could not in good countenance continue to associate with their party. He went on to implicate Democrats’ gun control wishes as a panacea for everything while ignoring the needs of average people like those in Cascade County.