Courageous attorney Matthew DePerno, who has been fighting to expose voter fraud in Antrim County, Michigan, delivered a staggering blow to two gutless members of the Michigan state Senate who concluded there was no evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 election.

Ed McBroom, chair of the Michigan Senate Oversight, and Mike Shirkey, Senate Majority leader, issued a report there was no major voter fraud even though no forensic audit has been performed in the state, and a forensic audit is the only way to prove such a claim.

With 2020 election red flags all over the state, Michigan Republicans simply cannot afford not to seek a full forensic audit – if they have nothing to hide, of course.

More than 7,500 affidavits

Especially considering the fact that more than 7,500 affidavits were delivered to the offices of Senators Shirkey and McBroom last week in order to request a forensic audit in Michigan.

With their report being a slap in the face to thousands of American citizens seeking an audit, McBroom and Shirkey were quickly lambasted by President Donald Trump who accused them of seeking to hide the truth about voter fraud that gave the state’s electoral votes to Joe Biden in November.

In his detailed press release on the report by the two RINO Michigan state Senators, Antrim County lawyer Matthew DePerno declared that the Michigan state Senate appears to be trying to “cover-up evidence” that election fraud was committed in the November 2020 election.

DePerno also accused the high-ranking RINOs of using the government institutions in order to frighten anyone who dares to speak out about the voter fraud in the state – a brazen violation of the First Amendment rights of American citizens.

The anti-fraud lawyer also informed that the state senate of Michigan refused to meet with a team of attorneys and forensic experts in order to consider “actual evidence” of voter fraud.

A huge fraud scheme

DePerno reveals that McBroom himself reportedly told the local Republican caucus not to review any potential evidence making it natural for them to be able to claim they didn’t see any voter fraud proof.

The lawyer also emphasizes that Jocelyn Benson, Michigan’s Secretary of State, has admitted to violating the law requiring her to keep in trust a copy of the source code for the voting machines.

DePerno further reminded that back in March 2021, Michigan’s Court of Claims ruled that Benson had violated the state law on administrative procedures as she issued standards on signature verification and voter notification.

Another violation committed by the Michigan Senate, according to DePerno, is the fact that it used internal nondisclosure agreements, which are unconstitutional, in order to keep information from the public and in order to avoid requests under the FOIA.

DePerno called McBroom an outspoken “Never Trumper”, who is also a “progressive ideologue”.

He accused him of abusing his power in order to suppress millions of people and their right to free speech, and of subverting the Constitution.

DePerno vowed that all election fraud evidence in Michigan will be presented to a jury, and that “no corrupt politicians” will be able to dictate how it interprets the evidence of horrendous election fraud.