President Donald Trump has issued a statement destroying Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. and his staff for the much-touted “criminal investigation” against the Trump Organization after Vance’s office admitted to one of Trump’s lawyers that the president was not going to be charged.

According to a report by Politico citing Trump attorney Ronald Fischetti, the Manhattan DA has no present plans charging Donald Trump or his former business organization in spite of Vance’s high advertised probe into claims for payments of “hush money” and manipulations of the real estate market.

Fischetti, who asked Vance’s team for some information about potential charges, made clear he is astonished as to how “little” material the Manhattan DA has for potential charges.

The lawyer said that was “crazy” and he couldn’t believe he would be representing his client in such an insignificant case boiling down to what are said to be failures to pay taxes on perks and corporate benefits.

The problematic perks and benefits consist of providing cars and apartments for a limited number of executives.

Fischetti even described the Manhattan DA’s investigation to Shakespeare’s play “Much Ado About Nothing.”

Nothing but well thought politically motivated attack

In a lengthy statement, President Donald Trump reacted to this admission, seeking to expose the entire investigation and the mainstream media hype about it as a political hack designed to damage confidence in the Trump Organization, the Republican Party, and himself.

Trump lambasted the NYC and state prosecutors as “radical left” and “nasty and totally biased” individuals who have failed to crack down on murderers, drug dealers, and rapists, and instead seeking to crush the “wonderful” employees of the Trump Organization.

In his typical style, Trump made it clear how ridiculous the Vance “investigation” seems as it resorted to literally hundreds of subpoenas, amassed more than 3 million pages of documents, and was based on 4 years of searching and numerous interviews – not to speak of the fact that it squandered millions of dollars in taxpayer money.

And yet, the Manhattan DA is still “in search” of how to incriminate the Republican leader.

Trump even declared Cyrus Vance Jr.’s investigation another episode of the biggest “Witch Hunt of all time.”

He slammed the DA’s office for actually giving an “ultimatum” the other day to the Trump Organization so that it would convince it not to file charges.

Corrupt radical leftists

According to Trump, however, the ones that are really guilty are the “radical left Democrat” partners of the Manhattan DA, who would do anything to get in the way of the MAGA movement “and me.”

Trump described the entire situation as unprecedented and unparalleled “prosecutorial misconduct” as well as “harassment” of their political opponent, in which the radical leftists “leak and lie.”

President Trump didn’t shy away from explaining how “dangerous” for America it is to have people elected just in order to “get Donald Trump” – simply because this type of prosecution, or persecution, actually, could target any single American out there.

He stressed that they were doing all of that political witch-hunting to a president who has managed to do well on taxes and regulation cuts, border security, boosting the US military, and even developing novel COVID-19 vaccines in no time in order to save the country and help the world.

Trump concluded by calling upon Washington, DC, and the US Supreme Court to stop the “vicious, angry, and partisan” prosecutors from NYC.