In his Saturday speech, former President Donald Trump said that the recent events at the U.S.-Mexican border proved the correctness of his administration’s border policies.

The recent poll, conducted by The Harris Poll and The Center for American Political Studies at Harvard University, revealed that Americans mostly preferred how the former President handled the border crisis.

They showed their criticism of Biden’s policies in several other areas as well.

What was revealed by the poll?

Even though President Biden received a relatively high 59 percent overall rating, the poll respondents showed their worries regarding the illegal immigration spikes.

A staggering 80 percent of them described illegal immigration as either a very serious issue (43 percent of respondents) or at least somewhat serious (37 percent).

The overwhelming majority of 63 percent of respondents said that the number of illegal crossings has risen on a monthly basis since Biden became President in January.

Furthermore, 68 percent of potential voters identified Biden’s policies as conducive to illegal immigration, while 55 percent of them said that the current President should not have abandoned policies kept by Trump.

Given these results, it is clear why 61 percent of respondents blamed Biden for an increase in the number of unaccompanied minor children coming to the U.S.

Even more of them (67 percent) said that they would prefer if illegal border crossers were sent back to Mexico instead of being freely released in the U.S.

Interestingly, most potential voters are decisively against Biden’s immigration policies, even though 84 percent of them underestimated the number of immigrants who arrive in the U.S. on a monthly basis.

Regardless of that, 64 percent of respondents think that stricter border policies should be put in place.

Kamala Harris’ poor ratings

Respondents specifically identified Vice President Kamala Harris as responsible for the poor management of the border crisis.

44 percent of them described her work on the issue as “poor,” compared to a mere 30 percent who said it was good.

The remaining 26 percent of respondents characterized Harris’ border engagement as “adequate.”

Furthermore, the majority of 40 percent of potential voters said that Vice President’s trip to Central America did not establish any progress.

Harvard/Harris poll respondents also talked about other policy areas.

The 54 percent majority identified COVID-19 vaccines as responsible for the economic recovery.

Yet, only 46 percent of them described Biden’s policies as responsible for the recent success.

Potential voters were worried about the recent inflation trends.

A 45 percent said that they were very concerned about them, whereas 40 percent replied that they are at least somewhat concerned.

The respondents also addressed the introduction of the Critical Race Theory in schools, sponsored by several high-profile Democrats.

A staggering majority of 61 percent of respondents said that the theory that describes America as fundamentally racist and ruled by white people should not be taught in schools.