Highly unpopular Democrat Vice President Kamala Harris finally came near the US-Mexican border on Friday, over 90 days after Joe Biden put her in charge of the migrant crisis.

However, her long-awaited and, as it turned out, useless visit proved to be a complete disaster in several ways, including the resignation of two of her senior staffers in charge of planning her travels as VP.

Something didn’t go as planned…

Harris’ director of advance, Karly Satkowiak, and deputy director of advance, Gabrielle DeFranceschi, have both announced to the vice president’s office their plan to part ways with the administration in the coming weeks, according to a report by The New York Times.

The precise reason for the two high-profile resignations in Kamala Harris’ team didn’t become clear immediately.

The fact that Satkowiak and DeFranceschi declared their intentions to leave right in the middle of the vice president’s long-anticipated trip that came quite close to the Mexican border is telling enough.

The VP’s advance team is in charge of planning ahead Harris’ trips, surveying the venues where she will be visiting and staying, and working with local authorities in order to prepare the chosen venues for media events.

The advance team oftentimes goes to every location ahead of schedule in order to screen out any potential issues and to set the stage for public appearances.

Their overarching objective is to make sure that trips would go perfectly when the politician actually shows up, and that any potential damages to the image of the political figure are completely avoided.

Kamala Go Home… Again!

The real reason behind the two high-level resignations in the VP’s team may have to do with the disastrous way her much-advertised trip to the border went – although she didn’t actually go to the “border”.

A fully three months after Biden tapped her to be the administration’s “border czar”, on Friday, Harris traveled to El Paso, Texas.

She was met by Hispanic supporters of President Donald Trump telling her they didn’t want her there.

Instead of going to the actual border, the Democrat Vice President stayed around the local airport for photo ops miles away from the state boundary between the United States and Mexico.

Not to mention that the worst part of the border as far as the illegal immigration crisis is concerned is located in McAllen, some 800 miles to the west of where Harris decided to disembark.

As suggested by President Trump, who is due to visit the border together with Texas Governor Greg Abbot on June 30, the announcement of his upcoming visit is the only reason that Harris even made the trip that came somewhat close to the border.