President Joe Biden has long been known for being inarticulate and verbally clumsy. Perhaps it is the age or the strain of the office that is getting to him, but Biden is getting even worse. As hard as it is to believe, Biden is setting new standards for offensiveness, even for himself.

Threatening All Americans with the Military

Biden gave some remarks about vaccines and guns, and calling them impromptu would be undeserved praise. On the topic of guns, he all but threatened Americans with the full might of the military. He bragged about F-15s and cited them as the reason why Americans could not challenge the government. This was just the start of his weirdness.

In a speech full of slurred words and confusing mannerisms, Biden made some strange comments about race and ethnicity. Discussing why some Blacks do not want to get vaccinated, Biden made a gaffe of confusing the Tuskegee Airmen with the Tuskegee Study. This is basic history that the leader of the free world should know. Then, he implied that every Hispanic person was in the United States illegally when discussing their vaccine hesitancy. For a candidate who draws the majority of support from Black and Latino voters, Biden showed a startling lack of awareness about his comments.

Time to Pay More Attention to Biden’s Capacity

This was on top of a gaffe-filled G-7 Summit, where Biden had to be corrected by Boris Johnson and mixed up countries in the Middle East.

Before Biden was in the Oval Office, his verbal gaffes were amusing at best. Nobody took him seriously. Now that he is the President of the United States, it is time to pay far more attention to Biden’s confused mental state.