Defunding the police was already a losing issue for the Democrats, and it was proven in the 2020 election. Now, as a result of the Democrats handcuffing police departments, crime is going up all over the country. However, AOC has not gotten the message. She is not only sticking by a losing position, but she is also doubling down.

Things Are Getting Worse Except in the Mind of AOC

AOC seems to be engaging in her own bit of denial, arguing that the crime wave only exists in the headlines and does not impact the real lives of Americans. We are not sure where she is living, but that is not the reality that Americans are living with these days. AOC and fellow far-left Congressman Jamaal Bowman have both been dismissive of law and order while requesting extra police protection.

Nonetheless, the crime that other Americans experience, and their fears, are all “hysteria” in the eyes of AOC.

The Democrats Risk a Bloodbath in 2022

Crime may be the issue that becomes the Democrats’ undoing in 2020. The average person is afraid when they go out of their own home, and the Democrats do not seem to get it. This is a time to embrace law enforcement and their crime-fighting efforts instead of targeting their salaries and budgets. Many Democrats recoil when they hear the “Defund the Police” message being blared, but they are tied to what their party believes. In the end, radical leftists like AOC are a boon for the Republicans because their message is so hopelessly out of touch for the rest of the country. Anyone who has fallen victim to the crime wave can testify how badly police funding is needed in this country.