The Democratic Party and the White House have come up with a new utterly ridiculous strategy: trying to turn their brazen and disastrous “defund the police” policies around on the Republicans!

Seeing that “defund the police” is logically leading to a surge in violent crime in Democrat-dominated cities all across America, the left appears to have started to panic.

This narrative that the GOP was to blame for the defunding of police was started by Democrat President Joe Biden’s senior advisor Cedric Richmond, who is the Director of the Office of Public Engagement at the White House.

It has now been taken up by White House press secretary Jen Psaki who backed Richmond’s thesis and went on to try to deceive the American public.

Bend the truth

When questioned on the issue during her daily briefing, Psaki insisted that it is the Republicans who have defunded the police since they voted against Biden’s huge and overinflated stimulus package dubbed the “American Rescue Plan.”

Psaki also tried to justify cuts in police budgets with the COVID-19 pandemic.

But while that may be true here and there, it has been the left that has put into operation a meticulous plan to defund the police authorities wherever it could.

Yet, Biden’s spokeswoman wasn’t the last one from the Democrat president’s team to weigh in.

Mike Gwin, the White House director for rapid response, actually doubled down on her comments.

Gwin retweeted a clip from ABC News showing Psaki’s news briefing and argued that Biden’s “rescue plan” was going to provide “significant money” to fund the recruitment of police officers and other measures to fight crime.

In his twisted logic, since Biden and the Democrats were in favor of that package, while the Republicans voted against it, the latter are to blame for defunding the police.

No mention of police in Biden’s plan

Of course, the claim that the GOP is “defunding the police” by refusing to approve Biden’s bloated legislative packages makes no sense at all.

Yet, what’s also striking is that the words “law enforcement” and “police” don’t come up in any searches of the 242 pages of the “American rescue plan.”

Apparently, the Democrats’ internal polls are showing that “defund the police” is a disaster, and that is hurting them in light of the 2022 elections.

As they try to run away from the fallout, they are trying to shifting the blame for these policies across the aisle.

As the Democrats and Biden did in fact embrace the BLM which preaches defunding the police, they have gotten police funding slashed in major cities such as Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, New York City.

Thus, according to data from the National Fraternal Order of Police, in 2021 so far, homicides in Portland went up by 800%, and in Minneapolis, by 56%.

The public in Democrat-controlled cities is very well aware of what is going on.

Some of the most scathing criticism of the left’s defund the police push has been delivered by LeRonne Armstrong, police chief in Oakland, California, a Democratic city.

Armstrong declared that as a result of the cuts in police finding “we’ve found ourselves in a crisis” as his city has seen 65 homicides this year, an increase of 90%, while shootings have gone up by more than 70%.

He summited it up very well: crime is out of control in this city, and, yet, the response has been for reduced police resources.