Michigan State Representative, Republican Daire Rendon, has announced that she has received evidence demonstrating what she called “systemic election fraud” which occurred in the state during the November 2020 election.

Rendon is thus standing out among most of her colleagues in the Michigan state legislature, be it Republicans or Democrats, who have preferred to look the other way with respect to voter fraud information.

Rendon is clearly refusing to neglect the will of her Michigan constituents who are seeking a full-fledged and categorical investigation into any violations that may have occurred during the November election.

The brave Michigan state representative has sent an open letter to “The Citizens of the United States” informing of the evidence of election fraud that she has received.

An open letter to the American public

Her letter to the American public comes in the wake of last week’s report by Ed McBroom, chair of the Oversight Committee of the Michigan Senate, and Mike Shirkey, Majority Leader in the state Senate, who said they haven’t found any evidence of “widespread or systemic fraud” in the state’s election in November.

Both McBroom and Shirkey are Republicans but have been slammed by President Donald Trump as RINOs – Republicans in Name Only.

In her letter to the American public, state Rep. Rendon informed she has considered the report from the Oversight Committee of the Michigan Senate issued on June 23, 2021.

She emphasized, however, that the committee in question has carried out its investigation without proper examination of evidence, without expert reports, and without testimonies by prominent experts.

Rendon further notes how in its executive summary, the report of the Michigan Senate’s Oversight Committee does in fact state that its investigation is not “exhaustive” and hasn’t explored all investigation options.

The Michigan state representative then declares that she is “in receipt” of what she described as proof of “systemic election fraud” during the November election.

Rendon called upon attorneys in the state of Michigan and beyond to pursue all legal avenues in order to reveal the truth about last year’s presidential election as far as voting in the state is concerned.

Solid evidence keep being ignored

In a telephone interview on Sunday, Rendon told 100 Percent Fed Up she is “disappointed” that other members of the Michigan state legislature have dismissed even considering “credible evidence” that has come from “highly qualified experts.”

The state representative admitted she got particularly worried about what occurred during the November vote in Michigan when she became familiar with the so called Penrose-Lenberg report – “Assessment of Halderman Expert Report” authored by James Thomas Penrose and Jeffrey Lenberg, which was released on March 26, 2021.

Rendon pointed out how Penrose and Lenberg discovered wireless modems inside voting machines which they examined.

Those modems may be connected with a mobile phone hot spot.

The report also found two foreign IP addresses on the hard drive of one voting machine.

One of the addresses was from Nuremberg in Germany, and the other one from a learning center in Taiwan’s capital Taipei.

Rendon’s energy in seeking to establish the truth about the integrity of the 2020 election in her state is certainly refreshing considering the seeming apathy from her fellow legislatures who might be willing to act only after another state proves election fraud was committed.