Greeted with enthusiastic cheers during a Fox News town hall at the US-Mexican border, an energetic-looking Donald Trump told host Sean Hannity that he has already made up his mind on whether to run for president in 2024.

Trump and Texas Governor Greg Abbott visited the US-Mexican border at Weslaco, Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley, one of the most problematic hotspots amid the current illegal immigrant crisis caused by the administration of Democrat President Joe Biden.

Fox News host Sean Hannity began his border town hall show on Wednesday night by contrasting Trump’s achievements at securing the border with Mexico with the all-out chaos under Biden and his VP Kamala Harris.

Biden is trying to destroy everything Trump did right

Hannity noted how Trump built new 500 miles of the border wall, sought to discourage illegal immigrants from coming, and managed to greatly reduce the overall number of those who did.

Biden and Harris have reversed that, with the Democrat president quite openly telling illegals to “surge the border”.

The Fox News host also pointed out how Trump visited the southern border a total of six times during his presidency, whereas neither Joe Biden nor his VP have actually visited it – even though Kamala Harris approached it within 9 miles during a much advertised “visit” last week.

Hannity also pointed out that the Biden administration has been flying illegal immigrants around the country, to various states, a policy that has barely been covered by the mainstream media.

President Donald Trump seized upon that point in order to explain how the Biden administration is doing that without the necessary warning to the states, just plain and simple dropping migrants off in them.

Trump explained that Kamala Harris wouldn’t have gone to El Paso last week – even if she didn’t in fact make it to the border – if it hadn’t been for his own visit set for June 30.

That is, she only went to near the border in order to counteract his own visit.

Trump might run again!

The GOP leader blasted Biden and Harris not only for allowing the surge in illegal aliens but also for standing by as a gigantic amount of fentanyl is coming through the border.

He pointed out that the border was two months away from being completed before it was stopped by Biden.

These comments come, however, against the backdrop of Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s efforts to utilize stimulus funds in order to complete the wall, with help also arriving from other states, notably Florida.

As host Sean Hannity tried to learn from Trump whether he was going to run for president in 2024, he turned to the town hall crowd who cheered enthusiastically.

Hannity surmised Trump was probably not going to declare his intention now so he asked him if he had made up his mind on the matter.

As Trump replied that he had, Hannity said he considered that a big hint.

Commenting on his former Attorney General Bill Barr’s recent media statements about him, Trump said Barr had changed and had been frightened off by the Democrats’ impeachment threats.