Against the backdrop of seemingly spiking inflation hitting devastatingly the American middle class, the administration of Democrat President Joe Biden has managed to come up with the most pitiful thing to boast about in the history of the US Presidency – namely, the price of ketchup!

In a tweet on Thursday, the official Twitter account of the White House bragged that, according to the Farm Bureau, the price of ketchup has declined, bringing the overall cost of a July 4 barbecue down by the grand total of 16 cents.

Based on this allegation about the pricing of hot dog, the Democrat president’s “economic plan is working”, the White House has declared proudly, a weirdly shameless statement considering how inflation is skyrocketing.

Biden saved you 16 cents!

The first thing to ask, though, is whether the cited figures from the White House tweet are actually true.

Changes in consumer price indexes from 2018 to 2021 clearly demonstrate that they aren’t – and any regular shopper at a grocery store doesn’t even need to see the actual stats in order to be certain of that, thus raising serious questions as to how the price calculations of the Farm Bureau.

The statistics do show, however, that prices of food items are growing substantially across the board – and the same is also true of other essential items such as user cars and construction materials, not to mention gas prices and the cost of other forms of energy.

Even if the claims of the White House about the 16-cent decrease in the cost of a July 4 barbecue are in fact true, the mind boggles at the thought of why Biden’s team decided it might be a good PR move to tout that against the backdrop of the growing overall inflation that’s pummeling American households.

Even if the White House team may have decided to start being on the offensive as Americans are bombarded daily with news of about rising prices, the $0.16 savings on a barbecue thanks to supposedly cheaper ketchup might be the most ridiculous, deplorable thing a presidential administration may ever have bragged about.

At least the ketchup bragging shows that the White House has at least received the message of the public as a growing number of Americans appear to be blaming Biden for the inflation spike.

A recent poll even demonstrated that 60% of respondents said heightened government spending in Washington, DC – a euphemism for Biden’s “American Rescue Plan” – is to blame for the price jumps.

Biden is yet to face graver political consequences over the current inflationary cycle, especially since he and his aides show no signs of seeking to reign it in.

The weird choice of bragging about a supposed negligible drop in the price of ketchup does, however, help the American public understand how much the Democrat president is out of touch with reality.