Antifa thugs have assaulted protesters who gathered outside a spa in Los Angeles where a biological man identifying as a female disrobed and exposed his genitals in front of girls and women in the female section.

Earlier last week, an outraged female customer of Wi Spa in Los Angeles shared on Twitter videos of herself angrily scolding a spa clerk after the transsexual showed his penis before the venue’s female clients.

After the clips of the incident went viral, protesters flocked outside the spa venue in question, they were quickly attacked by thugs from Antifa, the self-proclaimed anti-fascism group which is all too eager to employ utterly fascist methods of operation in order to impose on law-abiding Americans its wokeism and gender ideology through force and terror.

According to Twitter videos and reports, the Antifa thugs at the side attacked a videographer, a female protester, and a number of Christian street preachers.

One of those suffered a face blow with a skateboard.

Well, he claims to be a woman…

The incident in the Wi Spa in Los Angeles started when a male identifying as a female went inside the venue’s women-only section where young girls and women are usually nude and disrobed.

The enraged customer who shot the viral videos was told by the spa clerk that the man claimed his sexual orientation was female.

She responded with a rhetorical exclamation, then exclaiming further that she saw “a dick!”

She kept asking the spa front office official whether it was okay for a male to go to the female section and wave his penis around, including before underage girls.

She asked if Wi Spa was condoning the situation.

The front-desk clerk tried to defend himself and the venue by stating that this is what the law is, and transgender persons would be allowed in the respective sections based on their sexual orientation.

The outraged female customer then kept restating the obvious – namely, that the presence of a naked penis let her know that the person in question was a man, not a female.

She cried out that the girls and women who saw the penis of the naked men claiming to be a woman were deeply offended by what they witnessed, and that the spa staff didn’t do anything about that.

Now you can claim to be a woman and enter women-only areas!

The woman concluded that Wi Spa apparently agreed a man could just declare he is a woman and then head into the female section.

When told by the front desk man about the law, she asked if women could then go with their breasts into the men’s section of the spa.

Several of the furious female customers then demanded their money back.

Then a man stepped forward in defense of the biological male identifying as a woman.

The female customer shooting the video fires back that she is a woman defending her rights, and now wishing to see random men waving their genitalia at her at the spa’s women-only section.

The video ended when she told the transgender defender to try being “a real man” even though that might be hard for him.

Before it attacked peaceful Christian protesters on Saturday, one Antifa group called upon its own to stand up in support of “our trans siblings.”

It said a “bigoted customer” – apparently, the woman who shot the viral video – had “harassed” a “trans woman” at an LA spa, and warned about the upcoming rally of “transphobic conservatives.”